Full Episode: CARS Tour Preview on RACE22 Radio (March 4, 2019)

Listen back to RACE22 Radio episode 7 from Monday, March 4, 2019, when the crew was joined by CARS Tour owner Jack McNelly, 2018 CARS Tour Super Late Model champion Jared Fryar, CARS Tour’s most recent Late Model Stock Car winner Craig Moore, Touring 12 driver Brandon Pierce and CARStour.tv producer and series announcer Tony Stevens.

The CARS Tour guys all joined RACE22 Radio hosts Langley Austin, Roger Johnson, and Corey Latham to preview the season opener for the series at Southern National Motorsports Park this Saturday.

Watch above or Click here to listen to the show on Youtube.

About the Author

Langley founded what you see today because he saw a gap in coverage for Late Model Stock Cars (LMSC), which race primarily throughout the southeast region. His passion and determination for LMSC helped grow the brand of not only Race22.com but the reputation of LMSC racing. He still leads the charge here today while he also works to help some of the regions tracks with their graphics, social media and promotion as well as promoting races and tracks from time to time to continue the growth of short track racing.