Listen back to RACE22 Radio episode 15 from Monday, April 22, 2019, as the crew was joined by Daryn Cockram.  Cockram makes his first start out of the Lee Pulliam Performance stables this Saturday at Motor Mile Speedway.  For Cockram, it’s a return to his home track which was shuttered for the 2018 season and is looking for a big return this season.

Cockram tells some old tales from back in the day at his other home track of Franklin County Speedway as well as breaking news (accidentally) that he got engaged recently.  Needless to say, it was a good time had by all during this two and half hour show.

RACE22 Radio hosts Langley Austin, Roger Johnson, and Corey Latham also talked about a myriad of topics including the Southern National announcement on the free pit passes and tires and Kres VanDyke’s departure from Kingsport Speedway in hopes of winning the Motor Mile Speedway championship.

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