As news has hit the streets that Langley’s current owner Bill Mullis is negotiating a new lease with land owners in California, the rumor mill has run its course.

What I can say is total my thoughts on the matter and has nothing to do with Bill and his staff.

Being a past owner at Langley I understand everything Bill is going through at this moment. There are many or should I say too many parties in the negotiating of the lease at the speedway. You have the trust that owns it in California, you have the land management company in Virginia, add in the sub-lease holder, the lawyers and finally you get to Bill. Getting all of these people to agree on the same thing at the same time is a hard task. I feel Bill and his staff are working as quickly as possible to resolve this issue and get Langley ready for their 65th season.

Bill has great interest invested in the speedway. First and foremost, the love of the sport and the people involved. Next, the continuing success and longevity of the speedway.

With this said as a racer myself, I would encourage everyone to stay on track to be ready for the opener at Langley April 4th. From what I understand the track will inform every one of the restructured schedule for practices and track rentals this coming week. I ask as a supporter of short track racing that everyone support the track by not spreading rumors that have no merit.

Hope to see everyone at Langley opening night.