Mini Tyrrell (pictured) brought home a win in one of the three heat races alongside Timothy Peters and Riley Gentry to qualify for Sunday's Old North State Nationals. (Photo: Brandon Zumbach)

The remainder of the Old North State Nationals field was set on Saturday evening, with Mini Tyrrell, Timothy Peters and Riley Gentry claiming victories in the three heat races while Boo Boo Dalton brought home a win in the last chance qualifier

Tyrrell took the lead from Bobby McCarty on the initial start by using the high line to his advantage and would go uncontested through all 25 laps, all while an intense battle for the final transfer spot brewed between Connor Mosack and two-time Greenville-Pickens track champion Anthony Anders.

With six laps remaining, Mosack was nudged out of the way by Anders for fifth, but Mosack retaliated in Turn 1 by spinning Anders in front of the field, which ended up collecting Austin Somero.

Mosack was sent to the rear by CARS Tour officials for his move on Anders, but it did not take him long to regain the lost ground, as he passed Anders on the high side coming to the checkered flag to transfer his way into the Old North State Nationals.

The second heat was primarily dominated by polesitter Taylor Satterfield, but a caution for Jessica Cann with five laps to go brought Peters into the mix, who had just worked his way inside the Top 5 after passing Dalton and Trey Gibson shortly before the yellow.

Peters took note of what Tyrrell accomplished on the high side during the first heat to quickly climb his way up from fourth to the back bumper of Satterfield. Peters then passed Satterfield with relative ease to win the heat and claim the seventh starting position for Sunday.

The third and final heat of the evening proved to be the most calm, as Gentry held off early charges from Matt Cox and Nolan Pope to pull away with the win, which earned him the eighth starting position for his debut CARS LMSC Tour race.

In the Last Chance Qualifier, Dalton took command of the race from the first lap after passing Jeremy Burns to formally qualify for Sunday’s main event, all while Ralph Carnes earned the final transfer spot with a late pass on Janson Marchbanks.

While Cann and Somero initially took the two remaining spots for provisionals, CARS Tour officials elected to add Marchbanks, Anders, Manley and Fultz to the field for Sunday’s Old North State Nationals. The green flag for the 200-lap race will drop at 3:00 p.m.

Old North State Nationals Starting Lineup:

Row 1: 8 Josh Berry/87 Mike Looney
Row 2: 99 Layne Riggs/19 Deac McCaskill
Row 3: 78 Corey Heim/81 Mini Tyrrell
Row 4: 12 Timothy Peters/09 Riley Gentry
Row 5: 16 Chad McCumbee/40 Taylor Satterfield
Row 6: 1 Nolan Pope/14 Jared Fryar
Row 7: 112 Trey Gibson/4 Jonathan Findley
Row 8: 22 Bobby McCarty/26 Peyton Sellers
Row 9: 51 Matt Cox/88 Connor Mosack
Row 10: 08 Justin Johnson/63 Tyler Matthews
Row 11: 50 Boo Boo Dalton/74 Ronald Hill
Row 12: 2 Brandon Pierce/41 Jeremy Burns
Row 13: 67 Cameron Bolin/2c Ralph Carnes
Row 14: 19c Jessica Cann/99s Austin Somero
Row 15: 10 Janson Marchbanks/28 Jackie Manley
Row 16: 41a Anthony Anders/54 Jeff Fultz