Races at Bowman Gray Stadium ended in August for a lot of guys, but not our racing season, we still had a national championship to win. We had some more racing to do. So we went and did what we know best, we raced all we could, that’s all we know.

Sometimes drivers think about slowing down, and the thought has crossed my mind. Of course anytime that has ever happened I woke up because it was a really bad dream. Oh who am I kidding, if there is a track open and we have a car, tires, and we can get there we are going.  We are more than a one track team and we always will be.

We don’t really have an off season, ever. We might have a week or two off but that’s it, and even then we are working on cars. And you know if you are a part of this race team, you have to be ready to go at any time and pack a bag, that’s it. We have been known to go racing, blow a motor, go get a new one or have it brought to us, work all night and race the next day. We have done it many times and will continue to do so racing is what holds us all together. I know it’s demanding on a lot of people close to me but they are the reason I’m able to do what I do. For that I have to say thanks to my family and awesome team, Terry, Dawn, Kristen, Stephen, Dale, Howie, Chuck, Billy, Doug, Tim, and Austin. Thanks for all you do. After Bowman Gray we raced Caraway, Southern National, Wake County, Dillon, Hickory, Ace and Myrtle Beach… and I drug most of the people above with me more than once.

We also went to Florida and brought a new car, boy its good, we have won in it every time we have had it out but once, we finished 2nd that race. Tracks and drivers don’t like change so we have a lot of crybabies out there complaining about it. You would think people would work on their stuff to make it faster but it seems easier to complain and get the tech men to penalize you for doing your homework. One drawback of racing that unfortunately has been around for ages.

We did spend some time rebuilding and working on cars also, although we are at the garage 7 nights a week unless its race night then sometimes after. We are adding 3 more cars to Sanders Racing this 2015 season so it will be even busier than before. We hope having the extra cars on the track can give me feedback also to make my car even faster. Plus it’s rewarding to give other people the opportunity to get into racing without breaking their wallet.

We tested the last couple Saturdays, pretty fast out of the box, still a lot of work to be done this week so we will finish that and add the decals. We will be ready for opening day… we DO have a national championship to defend.

Not only is my crew great so are our sponsors:

Carolina Triad Reality,  Twin City Towing, Core Moving Services, Davies Jewelry,  Triad Flooring Team, Clevite Bearings, Molly Pistons, Q1A Shocks, Race City Steel and Durham’s Racing Engine Service.

As you can tell we all love to race, we had no real off season, and we will see you Saturday to start the journey all over again. Let the fun and the chase for the championship begin, i love the challenge. My racing is dedicated to my late father Archie Sanders. We love him and miss him every day.