NEWTON, NC – Ryan Repko picked up his first career CARS Late Model Stock Tour victory in Saturday night’s Throwback 276 at Hickory Motor Speedway – a track Repko has had success at throughout his career.

The 19-year-old navigated his way around Craig Moore, who dominated much of the event, on lap 110 in the 138 lap event and drove away.  After winning the race, Repko was greeted in victory lane by Dave Marcis – the driver he was honoring with his throwback paint scheme.

“I would say that’s the biggest win of my career, definitely the most memorable for sure” Repko told in victory lane.  “It’s an honor to be able to honor Dave Marcis and run his throwback paint scheme.  Any win here is special.  There’s a lot of history at this place and it’s kind of my backyard, my home track, so I’m really thankful to get my CARS Tour win here.  I just can’t believe it.”

Repko has been on the Late Model scene for much of this decade, whether in Limiteds or Late Model Stocks, and has continued to evolve as a competitor.  His winning move on Moore was executed with veteran precision.

“I just picked up the gas and it hooked up,” Repko remarked.  “I had been saving my stuff the whole race and driving straight up off, really being careful to save my stuff.  My style of saving is generally to stay in the top-four and then drive straight up off and do what I’ve got to do to stay up front and we were able to do that tonight.”

Craig Moore ended up finishing second while Bobby McCarty finished third, Layne Riggs finished fourth and Sammy Smith rounded out the top-five.

CARS LMSC Hickory 8/3/19 Results

  1. Ryan Repko
  2. Craig Moore
  3. Bobby McCarty
  4. Layne Riggs
  5. Sammy Smith
  6. Josh Berry
  7. Brandon Pierce
  8. Brody Pope
  9. Mike Darne
  10. Deac McCaskill
  11. Tyler Matthews
  12. Cole Glasson
  13. Adam Lemke
  14. Jacob Heafner
  15. Charlie Watson
  16. Mitch Walker
  17. Justin Carroll
  18. Taylor Gray
  19. Austin McDaniel
  20. Sarah Cornett-Ching
  21. Matt Leicht
  22. Camden Gullie
  23. Terry Brooks, Jr.
  24. Mini Tyrrell
  25. Ryan Millington
  26. Gage Painter
  27. Jeremy Burns
  28. Trevor Ward
  29. Ronald Hill