RACE22 Radio is set to make its return with plans to make it bigger and better than ever before. Having been on hiatus since the last show was hosted in the fall of 2011, RACE22 Radio will return in January.

RACE22 Radio was a popular weekly internet radio show during the 2011 season when hosted from the RACE22.com World Headquarters in Salisbury, NC. The show went on what was supposed to be a temporary break when RACE22.com moved to Copper Hill, VA and hasn’t been heard since.

RACE22 Radio will return this month with its first live show on Monday, January 14th at 7:00 pm. The live show will be two-hours long and will be broadcast to you from the PRW Chassis Studio in Statesville, NC.

“We were gaining a lot of traction with the show back then,” said RACE22.com Founder Langley Austin. “We had some great episodes and some great interviews that made people want to listen. We tapped into everything from the great racing on track to the controversies of the moment and often had the people involved in the controversies in the studio together or on the phone at the same time. It made for some great radio.”

Austin expects the show to pick up where it left off while bringing a fresh new perspective as well.

“We’re pretty raw and uncensored in the way we cover racing anyways but put a live microphone in front of us and you never know what might come out.  This show will be all about telling the stories just as they happened with zero filters and everyone on the show being as real as possible.  We’re going to be similar to the old show but bring so many new things to the table as well.”

With the return of RACE22 radio will also bring some more content to race22.com through the show’s interviews as well as potential podcasts, video interviews and more.

“We’re looking to really make a splash with the return of audio and bringing more video elements into the fold as well,” continued Austin. “We’re always looking for more ways to create more content for race22 and more ways to keep the Late Model Stock Car racing community that we serve engaged.  Plus we’re looking at doing podcasts often to keep up to date all week in between shows.”

RACE22 Radio will also look to have remote shows from time to time during the season from different venues around bigger races.

“We’re looking to get everyone in the Late Model Stock Car racing community involved. I’d like to see us take this show to every track in the region at least once this season. Get more local guys on and let people hear their voices and see their faces on video and really give them more exposure. The same for the tracks and the promoters and owners. Let’s get them out there more and get their story in front of more people.”

Austin says RACE22 Radio will be all about getting more racers and tracks stories told.

“This year will be all about getting more content out there and reaching more people for the tracks and drivers in this area. There are stories to tell that we just don’t have the time to write about or find out about that this will allow us an avenue to do so more easily.”

More details about podcasts, video, additional live airings of the shows and more will be available soon. Guests and additional details for the first show will be announced next week. Stay tuned to race22.com for more information.