Stacy Puryear in victory lane at Carteret County Speedway. (Eric Creel photo)

Chris Burns had the dominant car in the 60 lap Limited Late Model feature, but Stacy Puryear had saved his best for later in the race.  Puryear charged past Burns with 37 laps to go.

Burns closed back in on Puryear and made the pass for the lead in turn three with six laps to go in the race, but Caleb Day spun in turn one just as Burns completed the pass which brought out the caution which resulted in Puryear maintaining the lead by virtue of being the leader at the last completed lap.

“What a great race today between me and Chris,” Puryear said.  “I was just trying to ride and save my tires for the first 35 laps.  T.J. [Barron] was running real good.  We just together with [Clements] here and it knocked the toe off just a little bit but, he was strong there at the end.  Just so thankful to get this win.”

The caution setup a chaotic restart which ultimately allowed Brandon Clements, who took the outside line on the final restart, to slip by Burns for a second-place finish.

“It was good hard racing,” Clements remarked.  “We definitely didn’t have a second-place car.  Just had to get up on the wheel and make something happen.  I was surprised nobody went high.  Good job Stacy.  That was fun, good racing.  I’m sure the fans that were here enjoyed it.”

Chris Burns finished in third while T.J. Barron and Mike Bledsoe rounded out the top-five.

Stacy Puryear (17) passes Chris Burns (19) to take the lead at Carteret County Speedway. (Morgan Odum photo)