Brandon Pierce’s hopes for a solid run in the CARS LMSC Tour’s inaugural visit to Langley Speedway took an unexpected turn during the second practice on Saturday, as he lost control of his #2 Fremont Properties Chevrolet and backed it into the wall in Turn 3.

Pierce managed to climb out of his car uninjured, but the damage sustained in the accident was too severe to repair in time for the race, which has left his crew scrambling to put something together in time for tonight’s Who’s Your Driver 125.

“It was a big hit, but I’m alright,” Pierce said. “I’m really dejected for all these guys. We’re third in points, so this is a pretty big deal right now. This was 110% my fault, but hopefully, we can make something out of a bad circumstance.”

Brandon Pierce’s car had substantial damage after spinning and backing his car into the wall at Langley Speedway in preparation for the Inaugural visit by the CARS Tour. (CARS Tour Facebook photo)

Pierce admitted that the car bottomed out severely as he entered Turn 3, which caused the car to get out from underneath him as he tried to log laps in the second practice.

Although the accident has put Pierce and Lee Pulliam Performance in a bind with only a few hours before the drop of the green flag, he stated that the team is currently formulating a plan to get him out on the grid for tonight’s 125-lap Late Model feature.

Pulliam reached out to Langley regular Mark Wertz about using his car for the Who’s Your Driver 125, but he was still waiting to hear back from him as of 5:00 p.m.

Pierce is cautiously optimistic that Wertz will come through with a Late Model for the race later this evening, but he plans to take care of Wertz’ equipment and salvage a strong points night if he is able to take the green flag.

“We’re just going to try and run as many laps as we can,” Pierce said. “If we do, I feel like we’ll get a pretty decent finish, but the most important thing will be to try and run all the laps.”

If Pierce fails to make the start for the Who’s Your Driver 125, he and his team will repair the damaged Late Model and regroup for the next race at Dominion Raceway on June 22.