ROANOKE, VA :: Two LMSC’s, one with NO RESERVE, headline the auction at NRV Race Auction in Roanoke VA set for Saturday’s March 1st at 11:00am.

Several engines will also be up for auction including a 604 Banks crate engine and a 603 crate engine.  Owner Mike Dailey says this auction looks to be very heavy in parts and equipment.  “We’ve seen a big increase in people letting go of their quality items.  We will not only have our usual inventory of good parts, but there is a lot of good equipment and tools in this auction.  An Irvan Smith tubing bender just got put in the auction last night.  This is easily a $1,500 piece and it’s barely been used”.

Racers young and old will be sure to like the three commercial karts added to the auction.  “These are the kind you’d see at Myrtle Beach or some other tourist place”, said Dailey.  “They are factory built and have Honda engines.  We tried them out.  They run great and are a blast. We’ll offer them individually”.

The auction also features lots of good equipment such as Longacre scales, several seats, 390 and 650 carbs, clutches, high dollar Performance Friction calipers, Penske shocks, Draco springs, and hundreds of other pieces of parts and equipment.  “We are packed”, said Dailey.  “We had a former Nascar driver put in a set of pit helmets, some of them with microphones. We also have a bare chassis. Lots of starters, pumps, pulleys, just packed. People will get some really good deals at this auction.”

The auction is at 711 Salem Ave. SW in Roanoke VA.  Doors open at 9:30am and the auction begins at 11:00am.  Breakfast and lunch will be served at the concession stand.  There is no admission charge.  For more information visit their website at