After a three-week rebranding and logo design contest, has a new logo and new look for the 2021 season.

Over 15 separate entries were filed over the course of the three weeks available to submit a new design with nearly any one of them being a potential winner. However, in the end, one of them stood above the rest. Motion Media/TORK GFX submitted several versions of a new logo and after some tweaking found the perfect feel for the RACE22 brand.

“Michael Solaimani from Motion Media/TORK GFX was one of about three designers whose work really stood above the rest,” said RACE22 Founder Langley Austin. “His original submission really had a feel that we felt fit the RACE22 brand. We weren’t looking for a complete overhaul of our brand, just something that fits with our brand but gave us a new look.”

Motion Media also created a secondary logo with the use of a star inside of the 22. That was a significant feature that will be used in some instances by RACE22. The star represents the roots of, which was previously the Star City Racing News, a print publication based in Roanoke, VA, known as the “Star City”. wants to thank everyone who submitted a design and commend them on the work they put forth.

“Many of the designs that didn’t win, were still great designs that under other circumstances could very well have been the look we were going for,” Austin commented. “We were overwhelmed by the number of entries and the great execution by the designers to really know what we were looking for. It’s too bad we can’t use several of the logos submitted because many fit the brand very well.”

RACE22 is commissioning new apparel right now and should have shirts and hats with the new logo available by early February.

If you’re looking to get a logo made for your business or hobby, check out Motion Media/TORK GFX on Instagram @tork_gfx or call 804-301-5024.