Copper Hill, VA(January 30, 2013) — Deac McCaskill was unstoppable at times in the 2012 season at Southern National Motorsports Park.  McCaskill visited victory lane 18 times last season en route to the NASCAR Whelen All American Series North Carolina State Championship. Now, McCaskill hopes to take on Daytona with the same success in February’s UNOH Battle at the Beach.

McCaskill won 17 races at the resurgent Southern National Motorsport Park last season and won a race at South Boston Speedway.  With 2012 in the rear-view mirror, McCaskill looks to start the 2013 season with a strong run at the World Center of Speed.  He will be taking the same car down that was dominant at Southern National.  However, McCaskill says there are a lot of unknowns heading in to Daytona.

“It’s a lot of unknowns going to this event,” McCaskill said.  “There are a lot of unknowns for everybody so we’re all on equal ground.  I won’t know until we get down there how good we are with the different rules package.  Nobody knows what’s going to go down when we get there but we’re locked in the field so that’s always a positive thing.  We’re looking to go down, put on a show, have a good time and cap it off with a strong run.”

McCaskill, who is running his first race at Daytona in any kind of racecar, says it’s a great opportunity to race on stock car racing’s biggest stage, even if it is just a temporary course along the Daytona Superstretch.

“It’s pretty cool,” McCaskill stated.  “I never thought about getting the opportunity to race at Daytona, even if it’s on a 4/10 mile track.  The race being live on SPEED Channel is another cool deal.  It’s an awesome experience.  I’m glad Daytona and NASCAR put together this event and, hopefully, they’ll have more to come.

“I would say, for the younger drivers, it’s something to be really excited about.  It’s a chance to show off who you are and show off your talent in front of all the media this race is bringing.  We’re looking to go down and have a good time.  The crew and all the guys are excited just to go down there and race.”

With various types of chassis styles, some drivers are concerned about purpose-built straight-rail chassis having an advantage over the Late Model Stock Cars.  McCaskill, however, is not one who is concerned.  He says he’s confident that NASCAR’s rules will equal out the cars and make for a competitive event.

“I had the opportunity to carry a straight rail or a stock car and I think a lot of people are going to be surprised when we get there,” McCaskill said.  “Everyone’s saying straight-rail’s the way to go but I think the Late Model Stock Cars will be just as competitive.  NASCAR, I’m sure, has done a lot of testing and got them equal.  I think they’ll be just as competitive. The Super Late Model advantage is being taken away.  I don’t think it’s going to be a dominant Super Late Model field.”

McCaskill expects the track configuration to be a challenge for many drivers, himself included.

“I think somebody like CE Falk will be good there because of the flat track that Langley has,” McCaskill explained.  “Greg Edwards, I think, is going.  It’s going to be tough.  It’s going to be a big change for me.  The flattest track I go to is Martinsville and I’m not great there.  I think we get three hours of practice so hopefully we can unload fairly quick and get faster as the day goes on.”

McCaskill knows it’ll be tough to win, but he also knows it’s a big opportunity.

“Other than running a Nationwide car in 2007, that’s the biggest opportunity I’ve ever had but this ranks at the top of the list,” McCaskill noted.  “My biggest problem with this event was the cost of it and only way I could go was with some sponsorship.  H&L Logging stepped up and without them; it wouldn’t be possible to go.”

McCaskill has attended several races at Daytona as a spectator, saying the Inaugural NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race at Daytona International Speedway was his favorite Daytona memory, a thrilling race won by Mike Wallace which has overshadowed by a serious crash involving Geoff Bodine.

“I’ve been to Daytona as a spectator,” mentioned McCaskill.  “I remember sitting in the stands and that’s probably the best race I’ve ever watched.”

McCaskill knows the importance of Daytona, he knows what the opportunity is, he knows he’s locked and he knows how to get the job done.  Now, does the 35-year-old veteran have what it takes to clinch the victory at the World Center of Speed? will continue to have coverage of the UNOH Battle at the Beach from the pre-race preparations to the checkered flag of the 150-lap feature.  The NASCAR Whelen All American Series feature will be held on February 18th, so stay with, The Short Track Authority.