Keith Rocco Reacts to Greenville Controversy

MERIDEN, CT :: Keith Rocco sits third in the NASCAR Whelen All-American (NWAAS) Series National Standings and finds himself chasing Anthony Anders.  As he racks up maximum point wins, the 2010 NWAAS National Champion finds himself frustrated with the situation involving Anders at Greenville-Pickens Speedway.

Rocco, who races SK Modifieds and Late Models in New England, has nine wins on the season, seven of those counting for maximum points – races in which he’s started 10th or worse and collected the bonus points for passing at least 10 cars in a race.

Rocco opened up about the controversy with an interview with, and other media outlets, on Monday morning.

“This is a disgrace,” Rocco said.  “It makes NASCAR look bad.  It makes the racetrack look bad.  It makes Anders look like a sore loser.  You finish second and protest the guy who won.  That’s poor sportsmanship if you ask me.”

Rocco addressed start-and-park cars that have been filling the fields at Greenville-Pickens Speedway to ensure Anders gains full-field points in the NWAAS National Championship.

“I could understand if you’re at 16 or 17 cars,” Rocco explained.  “It’s a shame to give away a chance to have a full points night if you’re one car away, but, to bring a handful of cars is sickening.  In the northeast, we’ve got the fiercest competition lately in my opinion.  Stafford has to send cars home.  Waterford has 18 cars with zero start and parks.  It’s sickening that you work as hard as you do and you’ve got Anders down there pulling this kind of stuff.”

Rocco commented directly about’s reporting, saying he was glad the situation in Easley, South Carolina was being exposed.

“It’s good everybody’s picking up on it. and other websites are looking in to it and I’m glad it’s drawing attention and I’m glad you guys are bringing this to everyone’s attention and making it well known.  If that’s the way you want to win it, I feel everybody should know that’s how he wants to win it.”

Rocco ended his commentary with a quip.

“Do you know if he’s looking to rent any of those start and parks? I’m looking around for one if he’s willing to rent one.”

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