Jessica Cann and Molly Helmuth won in the CARS Tour most popular driver voting – Cann winning in the CARS Late Model Stock Tour vote and Helmuth taking the CARS Super Late Model vote.

Cann, who competed in the CARS Tour for the first time, became a popular driver in the series throughout the duration of the season – both for her unique wrap on her car and her engagement with fans off the track.

“This is absolutely overwhelming,” Cann said.  “It’s not something that I would ever imagined for someone like me.  It’s not even an award for me, it’s an award for the fans.  I’m thankful and grateful for everyone who’s ever come to the track met me and cheered me on.  Everyone’s had so much positive support for me that it’s beyond anything I would have ever imagined.  This is not something I would have thought would be awarded to me, not now, not in a million years.  It’s just not something that I would have thought would happen to me.”

Cann said she intends to take the award they receive for CARS Tour Most Popular Driver with her to all the races and allow fans to get their picture taken with it.

“I’m just here to have fun racing,” Cann continued.  “I’m really thankful for everyone’s support.  We’re going to take the certificate with us to every race and let the fans see what they earned.  I’m really appreciative of the fans who follow us and the CARS Tour and continue that support.  CARS Tour is where my home is.”

Mini Tyrrell came in second in Most Popular Driver voting for the CARS Late Model Stock Tour.

Helmuth, who recently announced she was retiring from racing to focus on her digital marketing company, 9D Creative, was also humbled to win CARS Tour Most Popular Driver in the Super Late Model division for the second consecutive year.

“Since the beginning of my racing career, I found the importance of creating and maintaining a strong fan base,” Helmuth said.  “To say that I have the best fans out there is an understatement.  They have voted me Most Popular Driver on many occasions, and it always blows me away with the amount of support they put into my career.  Although I am stepping away as a full-time driver, I want to say thank you to not only my fans, sponsors, and family for all of their love and support but thank you to the CARS Tour for creating such an amazing touring series, which many should take note of.

“It is an honor and privilege to have competed in the series for the last two years, and I thank everyone for welcoming me to North Carolina with open arms.”

CARS Tour director Chris Ragle spoke highly of both drivers.

“It’s definitely cool to see both Molly and Jessica win that,” Ragle remarked.  “Those are two people who have worked at it, worked on fan engagement, and were good for our series in 2019.  They are hard-working at engagement and likability.  They’ve worked at it all year and engaged with fans and it paid off with the fans’ votes.”

Tate Fogleman was runner-up to Helmuth in CARS Super Late Model Most Popular Driver voting.