East Carolina Motor Speedway will not operate in 2020, unless a deal is made to lease the track, according to an announcement made by the track.

“The owner has announced that ECMS will not reopen for the 2020 race season unless it is leased or sold,” an announcement on the track’s website read.  “ECMS would like to thank all the drivers and fans that have supported ECMS throughout the years.”

East Carolina Motor Speedway was the longest standing asphalt track in Eastern North Carolina, opening in 1990.  The track was sold to Wayne Perry in 2006 and had operated under Perry’s ownership since then.

Donna Mercer, who promoted the track in 2019, said she was saddened by the news of the track’s closure.

“As a track promoter, I am saddened by this news,” Mercer told Race22.  “I hope that someone with a true passion for racing can buy or lease this track.  It’s been our home track, with Kenneth [Mercer] racing there, since the doors opened in 1990.”

Announcement of closure on East Carolina Motor Speedway website.