Commentary by: Langley Austin ~ [email protected]

Copper Hill, VA(December 23, 2012) — Every year as I sit around doing a whole lot of nothing or as I’m driving around doing Christmas shopping this time of year, I run into a lot of ideas for my racing friends.

uaraSince I’m not rich enough to actually buy all of you something and since so many of the gifts that I’d love for you to have aren’t available at my local Wal-Mart, I figured I’d just make a list so some of you know what I’d really like to give you.  So with that, let me just get to it and for those of you not listed, I’d like to send you a very Merry Christmas.

UARA-STARS Series: A date at Bristol Motor Speedway to bring back a little of the magic of the past seasons.  April 27th sounds like a good date.

snmpSouthern National Motorsports Park: Brandon Brown not to compete in races your facility.  It was pretty much the lone blemish on a successful return to racing this season, let’s make next season even better.

Motor Mile Speedway Support Division Drivers:

A place to race on the overabundance of off weekends you have this year.  Though we usually focus on the Late Models, we do feel your pain.

morris2Philip Morris:
A full season of racing and the financial backing to do it the way he’s done it so many times before.

Langley Speedway: Outsider support for the Hampton Heat 200.  In past seasons many avoided the event because they thought they had little chance to beat the regulars.  After Matt Bowling proved them wrong last season, it’s time to see more of the “big guns” come for the Falks, the Edwards and all the rest of the local racers.

Paul Nogradi: More than one win this season at Kingsport Speedway.  Seems the last two seasons, his first two in Late Models at the “Concrete Jungle”, he’s only been able to get one win.  This year we wish for you to break through with at least two wins.


Derrick Lancaster: A win in a Late Model Stock Car.  You proved in the Limited ranks that you know how to get to victory lane and you came close on occasion last season.  Now complete the deal and get the “W”.

Ace Speedway: A new track owner, leasor or someone that can take control in the fashion that Brad Allen has the last three seasons.  Ace Speedway is way too nice of a race track with too loyal of supporters for that place to sit idle.


Mark Wertz: No sidelining injuries this season.

Old Dominion Speedway: A win over their opponents in trying to build the new “Dominion Raceway” in Thornburg, VA.

Mike Looney: The funding to match your driving abilities.

Coleman Pressley: More races.  Fewer broken bones.


Scott Turlington: The chance to celebrate in victory lane.

Lonesome Pine Raceway: The opportunity to work with Kingsport Speedway more for the better of the competitors and car counts.  Both tracks have unlimited potential and can help each other bring it out.

Jamie Yelton/Fat Head Racing: After his first winless season in 2012, a win in 2013 would be nice.

Robert Tyler: A bigger crate engine.

hickoryBarry Beggarly: Another 40 years of racing.  Yeah we’re selfish, we enjoy watching him race.

Greenville Pickens Speedway: Car count, which would go a long way to restore this once prominent track to its rightful place.

Hickory Motor Speedway: Better promotion of their “bigger” races.  With the ZLOOP Big 10 Challenge this season and a track that has two big races (Bobby Isaac Memorial and Fall Brawl), Hickory Motor Speedway should be at the forefront of the Late Model Stock Car conversation.

Myrtle Beach Speedway: To hold all 2013 races in … 2013.


Mike Darne: More trips to the race track.  He proved in qualifying up front at both Martinsville and in the Thanksgiving Classic at Southern National that he’s a player.  Now he has to be at the track to prove it more often.

Toby Porter: Respect.  He won 13 races in 2012, but because of Greenville Pickens Speedway’s lack of promotion and car count, not many people know that.

soboSouth Boston Speedway: Finding a way to take advantage of Motor Mile’s short schedule.  There are no conflicts in either tracks schedule, so maybe there’s a way to get more Motor Mile cars to travel down 58 East.

Lee Pulliam: A win at Kingsport Speedway.

Josh Berry: Two wins instead of one.

Blake Jones: As many wins in “Lightning” Monteith’s car as he had in 2012.

John Moore: The break through win that has eluded you for far too long.

carawayCaraway Speedway: Car count.  After a couple consecutive seasons of trying to get the place back in order, Caraway Speedway now has to find a way to restore the car count that will also help restore a few butts in the seats.

Zeke Shell: Finishing the season as strong as he started the 2012 season.

Preston McGhee: A winners trophy to go along with his 2012 championship trophy.

Greg Edwards:  A win at Langley Speedway.  No, I mean one on the race track this year.

mccaskillDeac McCaskill: The same kind of success outside of Southern National as he had there last season.

Rusty Skewes: A few less chassis repairs.

Adam Long: What do you give a guy who had a breakout season with his first Late Model win, the title as the “King of the Concrete Jungle” and a marriage to a beautiful lady in 2012?  How about a championship in his first full season at Kingsport?

Ronnie Bassett, Jr.: No disqualifications in 2013.

falkCE Falk III: See Above.

Nate Monteith: A return to Kingsport Speedway.  No reason to be scared of all the competition stepping up their game, it’s OK to come back.

Wayne Ramsey: A quality ride without the need to bring a duffle bag full of cash.

Paddy Rodenbeck: A few more interviews by Corey Latham.

mccallMatt McCall: Less work and more Late Model races.  He probably wouldn’t like to make less money and spend more, but we’re a little selfish.

Casey Wyatt: A break through win at Langley Speedway.

Nick Smith: A ride he can actually stay a full season in.

Anthony Anders: A few more wins and a chance at the NASCAR National title.

Tommy Lemons, Jr.: Another season similar or better to the four win season he had in 2012.

butlerBrandon Butler: More appearances in 2013.

Ben Rhodes: For to acknowledge you as the leader of the restart at Martinsville instead of the already packed up and headed home, Rusty Skewes.  Well, maybe next year.

Wayne Hale: Less mechanical failures.

Newport Speedway: Christmas came early for Newport Speedway fans with the recent announcement of Marty Jenkins taking over the track.  It looks like the track is headed in the right direction already.

Matt Bowling: The promotion off the track to backup his performance on the track.


Martinsville Speedway: A spring Late Model Stock Car event.  If you’re going to dream, dream big.

Chad Harris: A little less mechanical failures and a lot more good luck.

Franklin County Speedway: New management.

Brad Allen: To land somewhere with a job as a General Manager.  His resume speaks for itself.

Tri-County Motor Speedway & Concord Speedway: A 2013 Race Schedule.

Denny Hamlin’s Short Track Showdown: A location for this year’s race.


Dwight Huffman Memorial: A return in 2013.

Austin Self: Body guards.

Rev-Oil Pro Cup Series: Bigger car counts.  $10,000 to win will go a long way to make this happen.

Frank Deiny: A return to prominence.

Hoosier Racing Tires: No price increases now that you have the market almost all to yourself.

andersonAnderson Motor Speedway: More friendly staff/security.

David Roberts: A full season of racing and no surgeries.

Gary Causey: More races in 2013.  Half the people hate him and half the people love him, but they’re all on the edge of their seats to watch him.

Lynn Carroll: Fewer phone calls from “rumor” stories on

Well, I know it’s close to Christmas and a lot of my wishes can’t happen on that day, but I’m hoping Santa Claus will read this in time and bring the best to everyone in Late Model Stock Car racing in 2013.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you had as many laughs reading it as I did writing it.  It was all in fun and hopefully fun for all.

Merry Christmas!