Carteret County Speedway has hired Chris Carter as its new general manager for the 2017 season.

Carter, 50, from Pascagoula, Mississippi, has previously been a promoter at Montgomery Motor Speedway in Alabama and Sunny South Raceway in Alabama.  Now, Carter will join the Carteret County Speedway team with hopes of bringing more growth to the speedway.

“When I got here, this is by far, of all the racetracks I’ve been to, the most beautiful facility I’ve ever seen as far as a local facility goes,” Carter said.  “It’s really nice, the setup is really neat, the crosswalk and everything.”

Carter is excited about working at Carteret County Speedway and is ready to get the season started.

“I have no words to express how excited I am to be a part of this racetrack and being a part of what Bobby Watson and everyone else has a part of this track,” Carter remarked.  “From what I’ve seen, the racing has been really good and I’m looking forward to a great year of racing.  We’re going to do some big things this year.”

The main goal for Carter is to expand car counts, which grew all throughout the 2016 season, while also continuing to produce exciting and entertaining racing for the fans in attendance.

“My vision is, I want good car counts, a lot of fans and everyone to leave this track at the end of race night happy and entertained to the fullest extent.”

The Mississippi resident grew up watching races at the historic Mobile International Speedway in Alabama as a child.  He continued to gain a role inside the sport, doing public relations for Cale Gale when he started racing and stepping up to run Montgomery Motor Speedway.

“Many years ago, when I was eight years old, my uncle had a racecar that competed at Mobile International Speedway so I started going with the family there,” Carter explained.  “It’s just something that got into me and something that I really wanted to do.

“As years went on, I got involved with Mobile International Speedway.  Then, as Cale Gale came along, I got involved with his racing career and started doing his PR and escalated from there.”

Carter admit he’s not perfect, but says he has learned from mistakes he has made in the past and will apply everything he’s learned at Carteret County Speedway in hopes of making the 4/10-mile track in Swansboro, North Carolina the premier short track on the East Coast.

“I had opportunities arise and took advantage of those opportunities,” Carter commented.  “I made some mistakes on the way.  I can’t say everything’s been fine, but I’ve learned from those mistakes and I’m really excited about what I’ve learned from these other tracks to apply to here.”

Carteret County Speedway will get 2017 started with drift racing on Sunday, March 12th.  The 2017 regular season will go green on Sunday, April 2nd.