Doug Barnes, Jr. has been suspended by NASCAR for an incident during last Saturday nights Late Model Stock Car feature at Dominion Raceway.

Barnes was collected in a wreck with rival Tyler Hughes. Hughes was knocked unconscious in the incident and taken to the hospital before later being released. Barnes immediately after the crash while he and Hughes’ car was up against the outside retaining wall climbed up on the wall and ran over to Hughes’ damaged car leaping on the hood of Hughes’ car.

Barnes was immediately thrown off the car by a member of the safety crew and no further incident took place. The Barnes/Hughes rivalry runs deep and has spilled over multiple times at Dominion Raceway but this time went a little too far in the eyes of NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series officials.

NASCAR officials viewed the incident as a safety issue and have fined and suspended Barnes. The penalty is a $1,000 fine and suspension from NASCAR until August 14, 2020. If the fine is not paid, the NASCAR suspension will continue. Placed on NASCAR Probation until December 31, 2020.

The official reason for the suspension reads as follows:
“Behavioral; 12-4 H. 1. Actions detrimental to stock car racing. 12-6.1 Member Conduct, C. 2. Member-to-Member confrontation(s) with physical violence and other violent manifestations such as significant threat(s), abuse and/or endangerment. (Driver was involved in an accident with another vehicle. While under red flag conditions driver exited vehicle walked along the top of the retaining wall and jumped into the windshield area of the other vehicle while emergency crews were attending to the other driver.)”