I have always set goals at the beginning of the year to give me something to shoot for. In the beginning it was to learn and show respect to the veterans, and slowly progressed to win one race, then to finish in top ten in points, and so on. My goal last year was to finish in the top three. I succeeded that mission, but was left with an empty void knowing we just missed winning the big trophy. As far as a goal for the 2015 season, we’re just aiming to win multiple races, and have some fun. If a championship comes with it, then that’s just cherries on top.
I’ve seen I’m heavily picked by the fans to win it all, and that makes me feel amazing, but I know that there is some tough competitors who will make that quest a hard and bumpy track to travel. Heck, last year we didn’t point race all year, until the last race, and learned a valuable lesson from it. So I aim to do the same this year, except we will be full throttle for all sixteen scheduled.
Over the long winter break we worked really hard only the past couple months to get the 22 ready. I feel time with family is more important than racing and they deserve me to be around for longer periods of time, but in the past couple of months I got my hands busy, and made necessary repairs, hung the body, and painted her myself. Chad White, a good buddy from high school and owner of “Branded Grace” did my Graphics. Extremely psyched about the appearance of the car this year and think fans will agree. She looks great I think.
 I would like to thank My Dad first and for most for putting me in the car and having the confidence in doing so. Huge shout to Brian Fletcher for his contribution again this year.(Brian doesn’t have a business, but is featured on the hood this year on the Brahma bull with the letters F4). Mark Terry from Corks Caps & Taps is a big sponsor and a great friend. Cale and Bubba Gale at Gale Force Suspension has my car turning like a champ. My crew which consist of my two boys Jared and Colton, they are there with me every step of the way. My good friends Brett Brooks and Chad Brooks who both have been great help on and off the track, without them none of this would even be possible.
Really looking forward to 2015 and cant wait to see all the fans and drivers this Saturday. Can you smelllll, what the 22 is cooking! And lets hope its not a motor! lol. Come by and see me guys and gals. I’d love to meet each and every one of you, your the reason we do what we do, week in and week out.