SOUTH BOSTON, VA :: Saturday night’s twin races at South Boston Speedway were wild. The races formed new rivalries in events where Lee Pulliam and Peyton Sellers scored victories.

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Race Recap:

South Boston Speedway was once again host to a strong competitive field of Late Models featuring Twin 75 lap events on the evening. Lined up a down pit road was the sight of 22 hot rods with one agenda in mind and that was to win. But on this night, there was more than just great racing, there was plenty of parts scattered over the track. While some looked for a full moon, others were seen just shaking their heads as it was one wild night at South Boston Speedway. Coming in to the race racing, Peyton Sellers was the current series points leader with teammate Matt Bowling just seven points behind. Looking to get back on track in the series points were Bobby McCarty, Austin Thaxton and Josh Oakley to name a few.

Action began with qualifying as Matt Bowling posted the quickest lap at 15.655 seconds or 91.983 mph claiming the pole for the evening’s events. Lee Pulliam, Peyton Sellers, CE Falk and Austin Thaxton all had fast laps as the five best in the grid. Other notables were Bruce Anderson (6th), Langley Speedway regular Matt Waltz (10th) and Bobby McCarty (11th) who didn’t fair as well in his qualifying run. But it was a full field, max points in this race feature as racing action was set to begin. Green flag waves and Bowling wastes no time in disposing of Pulliam to secure the early lead and it didn’t take long for the races first caution either with just two laps on the board. Quinn Houff and Bobby Mccarty spin in turn four with both returning back to the track.

Green flag waves again showing Bowling making quick work of Pulliam on the restart. After a brief debris caution on lap 15 of the race, Matt Bowling was at this point still having his way. Midway through the race came the presence of slower traffic and a bad sound from the leader’s engine as he would go by. Soon after, Bowling was on pit road with engine woes and the race had is second leader of evening in Lee Pulliam. Though Peyton Sellers, Austin Thaxton, Justin Johnson were all having strong runs of their own. Pulliam had clean air and a lengthy lead en route to yet another win at South Boston Speedway. With that win, Pulliam becomes second at South Boston Speedway in all-time career Late Model wins.

After a six car invert of the field, CE Falk who finished sixth in the first feature will sit on the pole for the second feature leading the start of 21 late Models to the green. Matt Bowling who had engine troubles earlier made a start in his back up car, a piece that raced the DHS just weeks earlier. Green flag waves and South Boston Speedway erupts with race fans all on their feet. Quickly it’s CE Falk with the early lead and like several years ago, Justin Johnson is there all over Falk. Coming through the field after several laps into this race was Austin Thaxton taking second from Johnson. Also working his way to the front was Peyton Sellers and of course, Lee Pulliam.

While on back the racing in the top five was rather fierce and by the halfway point, Falk was enjoying a comfortable lead. But then the race’s first caution as Ricky Jones is in a bloom of smoke is pointing the wrong way. Lap 35 restart and it’s the break that Sellers and Pulliam needed to get back in this race. Green flag waves and quickly so does the yellow for Ronald Hill and GR Waldrop who are involved in an accident. Lap 36 restart this time and here is where it starts to go crazy. Green flag is displayed and the battle for the lead ensues, Falk and Thaxton are at it but the leaders tangle together drawing out yet another caution on the track. Here we go again, lap 38 restart and its Lee Pulliam on point. Green flag now and suddenly Pulliam is off the pace after contact with Sellers who loses a Quarter Panel bringing out the caution.

Result of the contact has Pulliam coming to pit road for a flat tire. So were back to the green, new leader Peyton Sellers secures the point. Finally some green flag racing as Matt Bowling is there in second with Bobby McCarty as well. Pulliam with some fancy moves was showing back in the top 5 by lap 60 and coming through the field. Back up front, Bowling had run down the leader Peyton Sellers and the battle for the lead ensues. After a bunch of beating and banging between teammates, Matt Bowling gained the upper hand and took the lead. With just one circuit left to complete, the worst thing for the leader happened and yet another caution on the track. This time it’s for Justin Johnson and Quinn Houff.

Green white checkers would decide this caution filled race which was probably appropriate with all the caution periods. Green flag waves, Bowling gets the early jump to take the lead with Sellers and Pulliam right there. Caution is back on the speedway as this time its Terry Carroll exiting from a destroyed race car. Green white checkers flag once again and this time it’s the leaders all going around and crashing hard into the wall. Pulliam, Bowling and McCarty all with destroyed race cars and fortunately all were ok. Of the 21 cars that started, only 9 cars remained for what will be the final green white checkers for the race. For the final time, the green flag waves and Peyton Sellers, minus a quarter panel and other parts hanging from his car got a great jump at the start and went on to win the night cap at South Boston Speedway. Austin Thaxton, Bruce Anderson, Brenden Queen and Eddie Johnson were the top 5 to survive the race.
Hard to say what happens from here on out in the Late Model division at South Boston Speedway. Sellers will leave with a very healthy points lead and just about everybody will have to spend long hours in the shop if they plan on returning. What a wild and crazy evening of racing it was. Next race will be June 14th for 150 laps around the 4/10s mile oval at South Boston Speedway.


1 #5 Lee Pulliam
2 #99 Peyton Sellers
3 #02 Austin Thaxton
4 #73 Bruce Anderson
5 #4 Justin Johnson
6 #40 CE Falk
7 #6 Bobby McCarty
8 #0 Matt Waltz
9 #7 Michael Maresca
10 #38 Ricky Jones
11 #01 GR Waldrop
12 #90 Terry Carroll
13 #18 Quinn Houff
14 #03 Brenden Queen
15 #91 Justin Carroll
16 #41 Rusty Skewes
17 #14 Dusty Ellington
18 #57 Eddie Johnson
19 #83 Matt Bowling
20 #74 Ronald Hill
21 #17 Chris Carroll
22 #8 Josh Oakley
23 #33 Danny Willis Jr.

Results race #2:

1 #99 Peyton Sellers
2 #02 Austin Thaxton
3 #73 Bruce Anderson
4 #03 Brenden Queen
5 #57 Eddie Johnson
6 #14 Dusty Ellington
7 #7 Michael Maresca
8 #4 Justin Johnson
9 #91 Justin Carroll
10 #83 Matt Bowling
11 #5 Lee Pulliam
12 #6 Bobby McCarty
13 #74 Ronald Hill
14 #90 Terry Carroll
15 #41 Rusty Skewes
16 #18 Quinn Houff
17 #40 CE Falk
18 #01 GR Waldrop
19 #38 Ricky Jones
20 #0 Matt Waltz
21 #17 Chris Carroll