Story by: Mike Neff ~ [email protected]

Charlotte, NC(January 23, 2012) — With the announcement this week of the new Carolina Competition Sports Limited Super division, the questions immediately arose about what it is. The series will be an entry level for Super Late Model racing. It will be sanctioned by PASS, with the Pro All Star Series backing the purse for each of the races. The rule package is being developed to allow as many competitors as possible enter the races without the financial commitment for racing a Super Late Model.

Ollie Spain, the head of CCS, tells Race22 “The series is designed for the guys who want to try and go Super racing but can’t make the financial commitment to run a full blown Super car.” He added “There are guys who need to get some seat time and want to prepare themselves for Super Late Model racing or Late Model racing but don’t know if they’re ready to jump in with both feet. This division will let them gain that much needed seat time.”

The series will utilize crate motors, as well as, some built motors. The rules should allow for a very level playing field which should highlight driver talent over equipment. At this point there are 10 races on the schedule, with the possibility of a couple more being added to the schedule in the near future. All of the races will be run as support classes for the PASS South Series.

Spain also feels that “there may even be some Super Late Model drivers who’ll come run in the Limited division just to have the chance to log some more seat time at a level where they feel like they can win.” “We’re setting this up to make it possible for a large number of people to be able to participate in a touring series in an affordable fashion”, Spain said. “We think that, with PASS sanctioning the races it will be a very level playing field.”

The current schedule runs from March 10th through September 22nd. All of the races, at this point, are being held in North and South Carolina.

Current CCS Super Limited Schedule
March 10th — Dillon Motor Speedway(SC)
April 7th — Hickory Motor Speedway(NC)
April 21st — Orange County Speedway(NC)
May 11th — Wake County Speedway(NC)
July 3rd — Anderson Motor Speedway(SC)
July 14th — Motor Mile Speedway(VA)
July 28th — Orange County Speedway(NC)
September 1st — Caraway Speedway(NC)
September 22nd — Hickory Motor Speedway(NC)