When we ended the 2014 season at Bowman Gray Stadium, we had no plans for 2015. We spent the remainder of 2014 and first part of 2015 going out to eat, cooking out and drinking large quantities of beer as a team with no intention of racing in the coming season. Well, in February the beer drinking turned into more talk about running a few races and what it would take to get the car ready. That led to the team saying they were ready and wanted to win the first race of the season like the 2013-14 season. And away it went.

10432154_10203958949749524_1320388982701724494_nSo here we go in the first week of February cutting the car in half, moving bars and such, ordering parts, rebuilding the rear end and pulling a fresh engine out of the corner. Every time we started forward we would find something else broke, cracked or bent. So here we are in mid-April and the countdown is on and we are still digging on the ole 02.

I’m writing this the week before the glory hole’s opening night and still we are working on the car. Everything is looking great so far. We even went and did a little shake down last week and car was quick right off the trailer with no issues. But car still wasn’t ready. We tested with no air dams, fender flapping and an hour before practice we put a setup under the car. Anyways, we were impressed with how well everything went. It was like riding a bike, every time we think we are slowing down in racing, that ole’ #02 gets the juices flowing and has me wanting more.

So now we have moved from running a few races and not taking on sponsors, to let’s win the opener and run all of ‘em and call that sponsor and tell ‘em come on! Here we are a week before and have a car that is second to none, already good out of the trailer and no expenses spared. I’m pumped as hell about showing it off and maybe showing off a little behind the wheel too. My goal this year is simple, to win races, push my limits and to give the crowd the show they came for even if they don’t all like me. And for the fourth or fifth time win the most races and lead the most laps without pissing the world off or being on CNN as years past.

Most of the time, we bring the best piece in the gate and that’s what causes the above mentioned pissed off racers. Hell, they already started on social media picking on how I rode the inside of the track the whole day of testing, we ran a week ago but what they don’t understand is I’m not there to practice racing or show my stuff or compare my car to theirs. Mine is good, I promise that. We turn the fastest times of the day breaking in brake pads and running a motor in so that must mean the inside is good… right? Damn I can’t wait till I move to the outside grove. Anyways, they talking and I’m listening as always but it’s all nothing but compliments for me and an ego booster, I again will use that to my advantage. Don’t get me wrong, I love these guys and we all have a blast and will continue to do so I hope. But again I want to beat ‘em and that’s the plans for 2015 and how ever long we do this thing called racing. I couldn’t do this without my crew and family and we are pretty much all family.

My sponsors are great, I have Brookbank Auto Connection again this year and also as always big James Reid AKA “The Punisher”. We do this as a family and friends deal and leave the outsiders alone. We may brag a little and get on TV a lot and do these radio shows and interviews with racing media outlets… but in the end we are here for one prize only and that’s MY checkered flag and another trophy to put in the back of my closet along with bragging rights. See you Saturday.