There are trophies in racing that stand out above the rest.  The Borg-Warner Trophy, the Harley J. Earl Trophy, the Tom Dawson Memorial Trophy and the Ridgeway Grandfather Clock are among those that stand out.  Now, there is one more.

The Jerry Moody Memorial Trophy, weighing in at 15 pounds and standing over two feet tall, complete with a copper pig atop the base, the trophy for Sunday’s inaugural running of the Jerry Moody Memorial pays homage perfectly to the legacy of one of Late Model Stock Car racing’s greatest icons.

“We wanted to do something unique for this race,” track promoter Langley Austin said.  “The Jerry Moody Memorial I Dig Pigs 100 just screams out to have a cool trophy.  With this very large pig atop a double decker wooden base, it’s going to be the trophy that everyone wants to win.”

The trophy also features several photos of Jerry and the cars that he was a part of throughout the years from the Moody family collection.

“The photos really help tell the story of Jerry and his legacy,” Austin explained.  “I get chills looking at them and looking at this trophy.  I know the racers are going to want to win no matter what race it is but to be able to take this trophy home will be an honor for any racer.  This is one trophy every racer would love to have.”

Southern National Motorsports Park hopes the trophy used for the Jerry Moody Memorial, along with the $3,000 paycheck, will make this Spring Classic one race every driver wants to be a part of and every driver wants to win.

“We wanted this race to be special and it’s going to be,” Austin remarked.  “It’s going to be something Jerry would be proud of and the winner of this race will never forget this race and exactly where this trophy came from.”

The Inaugural Jerry Moody Memorial will be held on Sunday, May 17th at Southern National Motorsports Park in Lucama, North Carolina.