Ryan Glenski dominated the majority of Sunday evening’s Myrtle Beach 250, but Austin Somero would be the one celebrating at the end of the evening after taking the lead on a late-race restart to pick up the win

Somero could not contain his jubilation as he brought his Late Model into victory lane, and admitted that he needed to calm down slightly inside the car before he started celebrating with his crew.

“I was so excited, I didn’t even go to victory lane,” Somero said. “I went straight into the pits, because I had no idea what I was doing. This is the first time I’ve ever won here, so this is just so awesome.”

Somero got the early edge on the front row, but it would only take Glenski five laps to pass him and polesitter Matt Linker for the lead and set the pace of the race for the next 20 laps.

A restart on Lap 20 enabled Somero to temporarily re-gain control of the lead, but a mistake entering the third turn caused him to get out of the groove, which gave the top spot back to Glenski.

Glenski would pull away from the rest of the field over the next 40 laps, while Somero proceeded to utilize patience and smart decision-making so that he would be able to make a final push for the win during the closing stages.

“During the race, it was all about saving tires and not letting [Glenski] get away,” Somero said. “I was just trying to figure out a way to get by him, but then we got a caution and I knew that was my opportunity to take the lead.”

An excellent restart from Somero with 33 laps remaining allowed him to claim the top spot from Glenski, who would go unchallenged for the rest of the evening and picked up the win in the Myrtle Beach 250.

Brandon Clements would pass Glenski for the second position shortly after the restart, while Mack Little and Mitch Walker rounded out the Top 5.

LLM Feature Results:

1. 99 Austin Somero
2. 7 Brandon Clements
3. 28 Ryan Glenski
4. 16 Mack Little
5. 29 Mitch Walker
6. 16 Matt Linker
7. 50 BooBoo Dalton
8. 88 Travis Byrd
9. 12 Mason Ludwig
10. 37 Chris Phipps
11. 5 Magnum Tate
12. 1 Ryan Rackley
13. 13 Bobby June
14. 2 Ralph Carnes
15. 21 Monty Cox
16. 51 Jeremy Pelfrey
17. 28 Davey Callihan
18. 17 Christopher Tate
19. 21 Wesley Hawkins
20. 17 Jason Myers
21. 49 Holden Kurth
22. 33 Jason Tutterow
23. 95 Eric Green
24. 22 Zach Franks
25. 51 Ethan Johnson
26. 26 Ben Stanton
27. 14 Talon Gallimore
28. 5 Casey Kelley
29. 32 Jerry Miracle
30. 4 Travis Truett
31. 59 Heath Causey
32. 28 Penn Crim
33. 18 Anthony Adams
34. 32 David Flynn
35. 44 Brandon Cox
36. 51 Chris Chapman
37. 27 Coy Beard
38. 9 Matt Elledge