News of the land issues at Langley Speedway will once again delay the pre season testing and shake down of its eleven different divisions of racing at Langley Speedway.

This race season will mark the sixty-sixth consecutive year of racing at the tricky big turn oval. At one time, because of its location, the racing out at Langley Speedway seemed liked a secret of sorts. The area locals and sponsors knew the value of a Saturday night ticket as being arguably dollar for dollar the best entertainment around Hampton Roads. Now the secret is out, with sound proven leadership from track owner Bill Mullis and promotional skills from its track promoter Chuck Hall. Langley Speedway has earned numerous awards from NASCAR for its weekly racing series and contributions to the sport of local short track racing.

Also pledging support in many ways is the city of Hampton where Langley Speedway resides. Because of the cities contributions and the July heat, Langley Speedway’s Late Model division premiere event properly titled as The Hampton Heat 200 has become one of the series biggest races throughout the Mid Atlantic. Also featuring dual race dates from NASCAR’s Whelen Southern Modified Series and a race date with NASCAR’s K&N Pro Series east Tour. The only time the lights don’t burn bright on a Saturday night during race season is when the big boys come to town at Richmond International Raceway. Otherwise, the gates are wide open nearly every weekend at Langley Speedway.

As of right now, the 2016 race schedule has yet to be released and with no word coming from Langley Speedway as to when has its race teams and its fans wondering if there will be a sixty sixth consecutive race season at all. Though the news seems grim, the fact that there’s been no news at all has spawned an entire racing community at Langley Speedway into feeling hopeful and maintaining a positive vibe.

If you’re a Facebook user and follow the many faces in the local short track community. Many by now have heard and joined a page hosted by its author Eric “Buckwheat” Bucklew simply titled, Support Langley Speedway. It’s a page intended to show or pledge support to the staff at Langley Speedway as the tiring process of negotiations continue. But instead, the page has become the forefront of hope where participants have shared priceless memories, rare and unseen photos of the tracks past along with devotions and testimonies of the significance the track has in the lives of its racing community. The voice and cries of over its now three thousand members has only strengthened the Langley Speedway racing community. Giving everyone of concern reason to believe and bearing proof of just how special our local area short tracks are to its fans.

While everyone in and around Langley Speedway eagerly awaits word up or down about the upcoming race season. What fans need to know going forward is that race tracks are a business and like any business big or small, race tracks must be profitable. Key decisions are needed to ensure not just a great product on the race track, but a future that keeps the lights on for years and years to come. Track owner Bill Mullis has asked for patience and to allow the process of negotiations to continue with the obvious intent of resolve.

While news of a 2016 race season at Langley Speedway hangs in the balance, news of any cancellation has yet to be discussed. Though many questions exist, there’s no question about the spirit and the faith in and around the racing community at Langley Speedway.