Story by: Rob Staley ~ [email protected]

Danville, VA ~ Any fan who thought local racing was dead hasn’t looked at the entry lists for some of the upcoming races. Take South Boston Speedway. It looks like the car count for this weekend’s late model opener will be in the mid-twenties. It seems like every time you check the papers or the web, a new team is making known their intention to race there.

Speaking of Sobo, former limited champ Justin Snow has indicated he will enter his own car in the late model 150 this Saturday. “I’ll run a limited schedule in my own car during the first half of the season” he stated during a recent conversation. “I hope to be back in the Merritt Logging car sometime during the summer.”  Most feel Snow will probably compete at Myrtle Beach Speedway in the ML #34.

Bobby Griffin is slated to race Friday nights at Ace in the Kailey Lynch Racing Ford Fusion. Griffin also has other plans… “We will run our own #85 in selected Saturday night late model races.” he revealed to me via telephone last week. “We just purchased a Billy Banks motor and we’re ready to go to South Boston or other tracks that run late models on Saturday nights”

Frostbite leftover. Danville’s Barry Dalton was a good three seconds off the pace at the recent ASA mod opener at Orange County Speedway. He pulled in after a couple of laps and was credited with last place money. However, Dalton was a winner in the fact that he gave all his winnings to his church.

We may finally get some racing this weekend . Get out there and support your local track.