by: Rob Staley — [email protected]

Danville, VA — All the gloom and doom of the off season is just a memory now as we continue to see decent car counts at our local tracks.

The big story was the 29 cars that came to Caraway Speedway for their second 200-lapper. Most had thought the 28 that came to the first big race would be their high water mark. Certainly that will be the best count for a while as more tracks open … Or will it?

With three winners in three races, South Boston looks to be in store for a very competitive season. 20 late models made the grid for their second weekend. I look for the starting field to stabilize in the mid to high teens for the duration of the season in the regular races. Still not bad.

Friday night counts in the mid teens bode well for both Ace and Tri-County. Motor Mile had their usual two dozen plus and Hickory drew a decent 16 car field.

We certainly heard glowing accounts from the fans who attended the Ace opener. Still it would seem that there is a need to get the show done a little quicker. I don’t think it’s good to run the late models so late in the evening as a lot of folks with small children and Saturday work had to leave before the lates took the track. A lot of problems came from track conditions that were not anticipated by track management. That being said, it would still have been a wise move to move the top class up in the running order.

Most racing sites tell you the obvious and what you know already. Our hope is that and this writer in particular will keep you really informed.