Robbie Brewer in victory lane at Caraway Speedway. (602 Series photo)

Thee City Chevrolet 602 Super Limited Series kicked off it’s sophomore season on Sunday with 20 cars hitting the track at Caraway Speedway in Sophia, North Carolina.

Rock Harris captured his 2nd career American Racer Pole Award and would role a four on the invert dice.  That would be 2016’s fourth place points finisher Billy Gregg on the point for the start of the race.  After leading the first 6 laps, Andrew Durham would make his way to the front of the field and would lead the event past it’s halfway point. 2016’s top gun Bubba Gale would retire to the pits on lap 34 ending his car’s winning streak at 3 races.

As Durham’s car began to fade Rock Harris and Robbie Brewer would close the gap and the leader and Rock Harris would make a clean pass for the lead, on lap 42.  Harris would continue to lead the event through numerous yellow flags that slowed the race’s last 20 laps, but after a restart with only 2 circuits remaining Brewer muscled past Harris.

Brewer would end up taking home the victory, with Rock Harris second, Ryan Robertson third, Andrew Durham fourth and Chris Allison fifth.

The City Chevrolet 602 Series 2nd event of 2017 will be contested April 1, 2017 at 7pm at the triangle, Concord Speedway in Concord NC.