Ricky Brooks (center) inspects Jared Fryar's car after a race. (Marc Fryar Photo)

When you talk about who should help to right the ship for Late Model Stock Car racing one name comes to the forefront in every conversation, Ricky Brooks.

He’s known for being a “Room of Doom” type of tech man for the Super Late Model world and with Late Model Stock Car racing spiraling out of control many feel that having his leadership could cure what ails. Brooks is known for not caring who he throws out and reading and enforcing the rules in black and white, something that many people in Late Model Stock Car racing think doesn’t happen.

So what does Ricky Brooks have to say about Late Model Stock Car racing? A mouthful. Starting with the fact that he’d be willing to work to help whip the division back into shape if asked to. That’s a big statement from someone who already has his days filled.

“I’d be willing to help,” said Brooks in a recent phone interview. “They’ve really screwed things up and they had a good thing going.”

Brooks, who admits he isn’t in the Late Model Stock Car racing scene but watches from afar, thinks that the decision making over the last few years has left the division in disarray.

“They brought in the Harrington and it had too much power and instead of restricting it they give Ford an upgrade. It’s a damn mess.”

Brooks came to Martinsville a couple years ago and said that what he witnessed there is a big part of the problem.

“I was at Martinsville a couple years ago and it took 10 officials to look at a head. When 10 people have to look at something for an hour and a half, there’s no way it’s legal.”

Brooks says that the start of fixing the problem is to enforce the rules.

“You have to enforce the rules,” continued Brooks. “They broke the system by letting things get out of hand and they had a pretty good thing going.”

Brooks continued by saying that they need to get all the engines on a dyno and see where they’re at and go from there. But he said that the engines aren’t the only problem.

“They gotta get the bodies in line. They let the engines get out there and there’s no telling what else they’ve got going on. This isn’t much different from Super Late Model racing, the cars are a bit different but the basics are the same.”

Brooks says that he’s willing to come and help right the ship but he’s not willing to do it if his hands will be tied. He’s especially interested in helping at Martinsville for the ValleyStar Credit Union 300.

“I think there’s a bunch of good tech people now but they’ve got their hands tied. I wouldn’t go with my hands tied. I’d take a couple guys and get it in line. I don’t know everything. I learn everyday but there’s too many that let things get out of hand and it’s ruined it.”

Many team members and drivers have been crying for a change and many think that Brooks is the change that Late Model Stock Car racing needs. He’s just waiting for a phone call to make that happen.