Randy Myers stepped down as the general manager at Ace Speedway on Thursday night leaving more questions than answers at Ace Speedway.

Myers announced his resignation in a Facebook post, thanking Bill Catania and Short Track Management for the opportunity.  However, Myers told RACE22.com that the resignation came as the track finds itself in turmoil once again.  Social media has seen a flurry of accusations fly about Ace Speedway bouncing checks written to drivers, employees and vendors.

“Things weren’t working out with several different fronts,” Myers told RACE22.com on Friday morning.  “Bill’s got some things he needs to deal with at the track and other places.  Better to step down and let him and I can go on down the road and do what I need to.”

RACE22.com asked Myers about the bounced checks, in which Myers deferred to Bill Catania.  Catania’s phone is going straight to voicemail so he has been unavailable for comment.

Myers did say, when asked, that the financial issues were part of the reason he resigned, which he said he did so voluntarily.

“Well, yes, it is part of it,” Myers stated.  “I’m trying to be somewhat defensive of Bill because he’s well-meaning and the things he wanted to do at the racetrack and still wants to do would be good for the track if he could get all that pointed in the right direction, that would be great.  It’s a great racetrack and we wish everybody the best.  They’re like a family.  I was happy to be part of it for a while.”

Myers still heads up the KOMA Unwind Modified Madness Series.

Catania said, on the Ace Speedway Facebook page, that the track would remain open and that several changes would be made, particularly to the schedule.  Catania’s post stated that the track would go to a weekly schedule, beginning next weekend and that Short Track Management will continue to run the track until there is an ownership change or until the lease runs out.

Catania’s Short Track Management leases the track from owner Abraham Woidislawky.  Woidislawky is uninvolved in the day to day operations of Ace Speedway.

Catania was unavailable for comment on Friday morning.