Radio PR

Copper Hill, VA(December 16, 2011) — RACE22 Radio presented by Performancenter Racing Warehouse became an instant hit back when the show debuted in March and the show grew throughout the spring and summer before a move of the Headquarters halted the show in early August.

With the lengthy time off from RACE22 Radio, we’ve had many fans, drivers, crew members and such looking to find out when we’re going to resurrect the show and now we’re ready to do just that.

“I’m tired of being asked ‘When is the radio show coming back on?’,” joked RACE22 Radio host, Langley Austin.  “It’s not that we haven’t wanted to do a show, we’ve just been trying to work out the logistics now that the Headquarters is in Copper Hill, VA instead of the heart of the racing world, where we were located at before.”

“I think now we’ve got that worked out.  We’re going to do some shows from our office with mostly call-ins from guests, but we’re also going to do shows from remote locations with plans to have shows all over the region from Statesville, NC to Roanoke, VA to Bristol, TN.  We’re going to put together a show schedule for 2012 and keep the radio program going in the future.”

With that, is pleased to announce that RACE22 Radio presented by Performancenter Racing Warehouse will return to the airwaves for a short schedule of shows this off-season to review the 2011 season and then begin getting all of you excited about the 2012 season.

“Bringing the show back for a few off-season specials this December and January is something we really wanted to do.  Racers are all bored this time of year, I mean we all love our families, but with racing gone for a few weeks or more for others, we just get racing fever.  As soon as we all get through Christmas, our families know we’re going to hard to be around because we all need to be at the race track.”

“With that, we hope to give racers a little something to get through the off-season with these four shows that we’ll do, starting with Monday, December 19th at 7:00pm.  Then we’ll have three more shows before the end of the month of January, before debuting our new show schedule for 2012.”

Stay tuned to for more information on our upcoming show schedule for this winter as well, be sure to listen in to our return to the air on Monday, December 19th at 7:00pm.  We’ll announce a guest lineup for Monday nights show on Sunday night or Monday morning to get you up to speed on what hosts Langley Austin, Roger Johnson and Corey Latham will be shatting about.

Also, if you want to go back and listen to the 16 shows that we did earlier this year, be sure to check out and click on the show you want to hear.