RACE22 Designs Introduces New “Drivers Seat” Website Package

$250 Setup Fee and $100/month for New “Drivers Seat” Website Package

Copper Hill, VA(February 29, 2012) — As the 2012 is kicking off all around the country for short track racers everywhere, RACE22 Designs is set to kick off the season with a new website package aimed at racers of every budget.

The “Drivers Seat” website package is an all-new package from RACE22 Designs that puts the driver or his represenative literally in the ‘drivers seat’. RACE22 Designs up until recently didn’t offer technology for someone to buy a website and maintain it themselves, whether that was updating the schedule or results or even photos, but that has all changed.

“We were kind of on an island,” said RACE22 Designs lead designer, Langley Austin. “We had to be the ones to keep up the website, add news, results, photos and all, but now we’ve moved to a different type of software that allows us to let the racer keep it up themselves if they choose.”

The move was made to save racers money.

“It was all about money,” continued Austin. “These racers spend every dime they can into their race cars and really can’t afford to spend the amount that they need to, to have their website handled professionally. While, we still offer the professional packages, where we handle the site, we now have something else to offer to a client that is working on a budget.”

The new “Drivers Seat” website package, the new lower price option, also comes with a payment plan, which is perfect for any racer from a U-Car driver to someone racing Late Models or all the way to the upper levels of NASCAR. Monthly payments are now an option for the “Drivers Seat” package with a $250 setup fee and $100 per month for the website for hosting and consultation from RACE22 Designs on any problems you may encounter while updating the website yourself.

“We have been looking into doing this for a while and now that we’ve built a couple of these websites as a test and let some clients use them to make sure it will work, we’re ready to offer them to anyone, not just racers. This website package could also be perfect for businesses looking to build a simple website, that they can adjust and update as needed.”

Are you looking to update your website with a fresh new look? The “Drivers Seat” Website Package may be exactly what you need. Contact RACE22 Designs today for more information on the new package by visiting their website at www.RACE22designs.com, email Langley Austin at langley@RACE22.com or call (276) 613-4208.

“I think racers have been waiting on a more affordable website package from us,” concluded Austin. “We’ve been working toward this all along and we’re excited about being able to offer this package to potential clients, who are looking to have a sharp looking website, but needing to balance their racing budget to still be able to race as much as possible.”

For an example of one of the partial-template websites that are available through the “Drivers Seat” website package, please visit www.DavinScites.com. ┬áThen, when you’re ready to either take your website to the next level or build your first website, please contact RACE22 Designs by visiting our website at www.RACE22designs.com or email Langley Austin at langley@RACE22.com or call (276) 613-4208.

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