COPPER HILL, VA :: Last year became much more modern with a whole new look and a content managed website.  The new look and layout allowed to grow by adding content on the fly, giving readers content much quicker.

Now as the 2013 season approaches, is ready to raise the bar once again.  With that, is getting a facelift that will modernize the site as well as make a better user experience.

“We’re always looking to make bigger and better,” said owner Langley Austin.  “Last year we stepped light years ahead of where we were before by going with a content managed website.  That change put us ahead of the competition, but this year’s changes are going to be even better.”

One of the biggest changes will be the design and layout of the pages.  The site will feature new, bigger header image with less scrolling and recent stories listings. The new design will also feature a news ticker that will show you some of the important recent headlines.  The redesign will give readers the ability to comment on posts.

The updated website also allows for to provide more Live Coverage of more races in the 2013 season and beyond.  Those changes will create for a better race day experience for readers on race weekend.

For mobile users, the new website includes a mobile layout which allows the site to load faster and makes the page easier to read.  The mobile site features all the same functionality on Android and Apple devices while being sized to fit the screen of the device.

Tagged posts allows for improved navigation of the website, allowing readers to get information about their favorite track or series all in one place.

“All around, this is a huge improvement,” said Langley Austin.  “All the hard work put in by our staff will really be put on display.  In the same way sports fans stay glued to ESPN on game day, Late Model Stock Car fans will be glued to on race day.  This new website is clean but powerful.”

The new design will launch Tuesday morning, so get connected to the future of Late Model Stock Car racing news at, the Short Track Authority.