Wytheville, VA ~ RACE22.com is a multi-faceted operation and while most people have only known us for the website itself in the last year or so, in 2009 you’ll see RACE22.com a little differently.

“RACE22.com The Magazine” will be hitting race tracks all over the Southeast region covering everything Late Model Stock Cars as well as Super Late Models or Straight Rail style Late Models and even Limited Late Models and Late Model Trucks. Formerly known as the Star City Racing News, the All New “RACE22.com The Magazine” will return in 2009 with a new format.

Since 2007 the Star City Racing News has been known primarily as the “Official Magazine of the UARA-STARS”, but with opportunities ever changing, Langley Austin, editor of the magazine has decided to make a change to open up the magazine to Late Model Stock Car racing as a whole.

“It was time to branch out,” Austin said. “You know we’ve grown so much since the first issue with the UARA in March of 2007 and we just sat down this winter and started thinking of how we could make the magazine better. Not just for the readers, but advertisers and for our staff, this years format will allow us to reach more racers, cover more racers and be a benefit to more race tracks and I think all of that is important.”

The format change will take the magazine from being the 16-issues that coincides with the 16-race UARA-STARS schedule and a Martinsville Bailey’s 300 and Seneca 400 at Myrtle Beach special editions to a once a month schedule from March to December. This year the magazine will feature 10 Issues covering Late Model Stock Car racing from Ace to Motor Mile, Myrtle Beach to Newport and Greenville Pickens to Langley and every track in between plus the PASS South Series and of course the UARA-STARS Series.

“We’re going to try and cover everybody. I want all the Late Model Stock Car drivers and for that matter any racers in this Blue Ridge region to get the coverage they deserve. There’s no other media out there focused on racing in this region and hopefully between the magazine and the website we’ve got them covered,” continued Austin.

This year we’ll be distributing the magazine at race tracks all over the region as well as many of the UARA and PASS South series races and instead of selling the magazines, this year they’ll all be free just like the Martinsville and Myrtle Beach editions have been in years past. Of course we’ll still have plenty of coverage of the UARA-STARS and we’ll still use two of the magazines as special editions for Martinsville and Myrtle Beach, those magazines have always got great response from readers and advertisers alike.

“The Martinsville and Myrtle Beach issues of the magazine will continue to be a main stay of our program. Those two races are among the biggest in Late Model Stock Car racing and of course this year we will release the March issue of the magazine at the Bristol UARA-STARS race and the April issue of the magazine at the Rockingham UARA-STARS race. We hope those two issues have the same kind of response as the Martinsville and Myrtle Beach.”

The first issue of “RACE22.com The Magazine” as Austin described above will be available first the weekend of the UARA-STARS race at Bristol Motor Speedway on March 21st as well as other races that weekend and the three weekends that follow. Then we will have the next magazine out in time for the Rockingham Speedway UARA event and at races everywhere for the next three weeks and that plan of distribution will continue throughout the summer and into the fall and winter right up to the final issue of 2009, the YearBooK, which will be released in December.

Look for “RACE22.com The Magazine” to be out at tracks all over the region as well as a digital edition of each that we hope to release right here on RACE22.com. We want to cover the Late Model Stock Car racing world and so far I think we’re off to a good start!

The magazine website currently is www.StarCityRacingNews.com, which is currently under construction to reflect the changes in the magazine’s format and name. Please keep an eye on the website for more information and to advertise or to find out more information about “RACE22.com The Magazine” call (276) 613-4208 or email Langley Austin at [email protected].