PELETIER, NC – Every fan has their favorite driver and every division has a fan favorite driver.  At Bobby Watson’s Carteret County Speedway, fans will get to have their say.

Bobby Watson’s Carteret County Speedway, which prides itself on the fan experience before, during and after the races, is teaming up with for a Most Popular Driver award in all eight regular divisions.  The drivers eligible have all competed in multiple races in each division.

The drivers listed in the Most Popular driver vote are as follows:

Late Model: Brandon Clements, Chris Burns, T.J. Barron, Mini Tyrrell, Clay Jones, Jason York, Tyler Horne, Dustin Yeoman, Gerald Benton, Joshua Yeoman, Sarah Cornett-Ching, Eric Winslow

Street Stock: James Horner, Ricky Locklair, Dennis Woehrle, Roy Combs, John Sharp, Chris Connor, Jesse Council, Brandon Manning, Billy Slater

Mini-Stock: Stephen Sanders, Travis Miller, Kris Hetu, Randy Hewett, Travis Provost, Andrew Deal, Derek Coley, Duane Walker, John Hladik, Zac Reimer

U-CAR: Adam Resnick, Andrew Jackson, Steve Sullivan, Abby Jolly, Johnathan Payne, Buck Browder, Neil Mason

Legends: Shane Irving, John Love, Josh Spence, Brenton Irving, Trent Norris, Joel Carlyle, Aaron Crumpler, Caleb Day, Brian Sullivan, Emily Day

Champ Kart: Sean Wales, Lee Ottaway, Daemyn Ottaway, J.R. Taylor, Cory Dimauro, Scott Benford, Caleb Day, K.T. Burkhard, Doug Luper, B.J. Thompson

Mini-Cup: Justin Hall, Steve Chauncey, Chris Brewer, Bubba Todd, Joseph Bryant, Scott Brooks, Matthew Brewer, Steve Murray, Steven Brewer

Jr. Mini Cup: Carmen Odum, Chase Singletary, Morgan Odum, Dominic Chisholm, Maya Moore, Caleb Braswell, Seth Sanders

Fans are allowed to vote only once.  Voting will run until Tuesday, December 18th.  Voting is open at: