Stacy Puryear in victory lane at Southern National Motorsports Park. (Andy Marquis photo)

LUCAMA, NC – Stacy Puryear and Bradley McCaskill picked up victories in twin Late Model features during an exhilarating night of racing at Southern National Motorsports Park on Saturday.

Puryear, who picked up his first win of the 2019 season last Sunday at Carteret County Speedway, moved Alex Fleming to take the lead early in the first 40-lap race.  After that, he survived challenges from Adam Murray on multiple restarts to hold on to the lead and the win – his first win at Southern National since October 2012.

“The last time I won at Southern National in 2012 in a Pro Cup car, so this one is awful sweet,” Puryear told in victory lane.  “We’ve been coming to these Thanksgiving Classic races but we don’t usually run during the season here.  It really feels good to come out and get a win tonight.”

Behind Puryear, competitors tried to get the best possible result they could – often racing three-wide and, on one surprisingly successful occasion, four-wide.

“[Fleming] had sparks coming out on the first lap from where they were using the brake so hard,” Puryear said.  “Then Murray tried to run down in the apron here going into turn one.  You know, we had a ball.  I enjoy short track racing and that was a blast.”

Murray went on to finish second while Tim Allensworth, Alex Fleming, and Louis White rounded out the top-five.

The second Late Model twin was all about Bradley McCaskill.

Bradley McCaskill celebrates after winning at Southern National Motorsports Park. (Andy Marquis photo)

After having to start at the rear, substituting for Ronald Renfrow, McCaskill quickly charged through the field.  McCaskill was able to run down and overtake Boo Boo Dalton for the lead on with just 13 to go and never looked back as he cruised to victory.

“This is our first outing with this car, first race,” McCaskill said.  “We had to work some bugs out of it.  We’ve been playing with it all day.  Made some adjustments after the first race to get a little better.  Victory lane is a good place to be.”

Dalton settled for a second-place finish while Puryear, Rusty Daniels and Alex Fleming rounded out the top-five.

The next Late Model race at Southern National Motorsports Park will take place on Saturday, May 11th.

Unofficial Results

Late Model Twin #1

  1. Stacy Puryear
  2. Adam Murray
  3. Tim Allensworth
  4. Alex Fleming
  5. Louis White
  6. Brian Obiedzenski
  7. Rusty Daniels
  8. Boo Boo Dalton
  9. Zachary Marks
  10. Melvin Langley
  11. Terry Sease
  12. Bobby Morris
  13. Gerald Benon
  14. Ronald Brown
  15. Ronald Renfrow
  16. Chris Chapman
  17. Wayne Goss

Late Model Twin #2

  1. Bradley McCaskill
  2. Boo Boo Dalton
  3. Stacy Puryear
  4. Rusty Daniels
  5. Alex Fleming
  6. Chris Chapman
  7. Terry Sease
  8. Brian Obiedzenski
  9. Zachary Marks
  10. Melvin Langley
  11. Louis White
  12. Ronald Brown
  13. Bobby Morris
  14. Gerald Benton
  15. Adam Murray
  16. Tim Allensworth
  17. Wayne Goss