LUCAMA, NC :: Deac McCaskill looked like he would pick off where he left off at the season opener during Saturday’s twin 100 lap Late Model Stock Car features at Southern National Motorsports Park.  McCaskill qualified on the pole but ended up being shut out of victory lane in the second pair of twin races that make up the Dirty Dozen.  Instead, it was Lee Pulliam and Michael Rouse standing tall in the end.

Pulliam’s victory in the first race was his second straight win and his third win in four races after he won races at South Boston Speedway and Caraway Speedway the week before.  Pulliam inherited the lead from McCaskill on lap 74 when the leaders had to contend with heavy lapped traffic.  Pulliam went on to win the first race, a race that went caution free.  McCaskill would finish second and Brandon Dean held off Michael Rouse and Josh Berry to finish third.

The top seven finishers of the first race were inverted for the second race, putting Tommy Lemons, Jr. on the pole.  Despite winning the pole, Lemons didn’t lead for long.  Defending Motor Mile Speedway Champion Josh Berry passed Lemons for the lead on the second lap of the race and held on to the lead for several laps until Michael Rouse roared past.  Once Rouse got the lead, he never surrendered it.

Meanwhile, behind Rouse, Pulliam was putting on a show, making his way from seventh up to second.  McCaskill wasn’t a factor in the second race and eventually fell a lap down.  Pulliam would go on to finish second while Berry finished third.

McCaskill remains the points leader in the Dirty Dozen standings.  Behind him, Pulliam, Berry, Lemons, Rouse and Dean all look to chase McCaskill.  Berry, Lemons and Dean could make a big impact when the Dirty Dozen comes to Motor Mile Speedway on April 27th.  The next race in the Dirty Dozen is on April 6th at Southern National.


1. # 1 Lee Pulliam
2. # 8 Deac McCaskill
3. # 5 Brandon Dean
4. # 23 Michael Rouse
5. # 88 Josh Berry
6. # 8 Reid Lanpher
7. # 27 Tommy Lemons, Jr.
8. # 14 Mike Darne
9. # 5 Doug Godsey
10. # 48 Hunter Devers
11. # 2 Myatt Snider
12. # 50 Jamey Caudill
13. # 42 Craig Stallard
14. # 25W Derrick Lancaster
15. # 25OR David Polenz
16. # 83Y Tyler Hughes
17. # 38 Ricky Jones
18. # 18 Quin Houff
19. # 83W Jonathan Findley
20. # 29 Melvin Langley
21. # 51 Ray Terczak


1. #23 Michael Rouse
2. #1 Lee Pulliam
3. #88 Josh Berry
4. #27 Tommy Lemons, Jr.
5. #8 Reid Lanpher
6. #5 Brandon Dean
7. #14 Mike Darne
8. #08 Deac McCaskill
9. #47 Hunter Devers
10. #42 Craig Stallard
11. #50 Jamey Caudill
12. #2 Myatt Snider
13. #25W Derrick Lancaster
14. #29 Melvin Langley
15. #25OR David Polenz
16. #18 Quin Houff
17. #83Y Tyler Hughes
18. #38 Ricky Jones
19. #83W Jonathan Findley
20. #5 Doug Godsey
21. #51 Ray Terczak