In a post on his personal Facebook page, Lee Pulliam explained his side of the Corey Heim disqualification at South Boston Speedway.  Pulliam, the car owner for Heim’s #78 ride explained that rear skew and not toe or camber was the reason for the disqualification.

Lee Pulliam’s post:
“I first off apologize to Corey Heim. The next thing I would like to say is that I don’t agree with the call as I feel like the way the rule is written this rear end is not illegal. It is what it is and we will move on. This rear end passed on camber unlike told in the stories. The toe also checked dead straight. We are basically being thrown out for rear skew. In the rule book it states no camber or toe. Skew is not toe. If you turn your front tires to the right and check your toe it’s still toe. I don’t agree at all with the decision but for all the many many teams out here running skew I would suggest you take it out as apparently the grey areas of the rule book doesn’t exist anymore. I was only doing my job to the best of my ability maxing out what we felt like was legal. Guess this will change a lot of things moving forward as I feel like they have opened up a can of worms. I thank everyone for there support and we will be back stronger than ever. I have no hard feelings towards NASCAR or the track but I respectfully disagree with the decision.”

Pulliam disputes the report first released here on by an off the record NASCAR Whelen All-American Series official that claimed the rear end was out of toe by 3/4″ and cambered roughly 3 degrees.

South Boston Speedway released a statement about the disqualification which says the DQ was in fact due to camber.