Power Rankings were a big part of RACE22.com for many years and while in the last couple of years they’ve faded from the forefront a new sponsor will rejuvenate the Power Rankings for 2016.

Superior Trailer has signed on board with RACE22.com to help relaunch the Power Rankings for the 2016 season for the Late Model Stock Cars. Superior Trailer’s commitment will help bring back the Power Rankings that everyone in the Late Model Stock Car racing community has been begging for.

“People ask us all the time ‘When are the Power Rankings coming out?’,” said RACE22.com Founder, Langley Austin. “We kinda put them on the back burner in recent years with so much other stuff going on and not having a sponsor helping us with them. This year we’re ramping up to bring them back in big way and we couldn’t do that without Superior Trailer.”

According to Austin the Power Rankings will be coming back stronger than ever before.

“We’re going back full throttle with the Power Rankings,” commented Austin. “People have been begging for them. They like to read what we think even if they don’t agree with us. Superior Trailer has made it possible for us to really push the Power Rankings this upcoming season.”

Tim Spears from Superior Trailer is excited to be a part of the Late Model Stock Car Power Rankings as well as helping to build his brand through advertising on RACE22.com.

“We’re excited to be a part of RACE22.com’s revamp for this season,” said Spears. “Superior Trailer and RACE22.com kinda go hand in hand. Many of their supporters and readers are the same people who will buy trailers from us, so we think this will be a great way to promote our business to the racers.”

The Superior Trailer Power Rankings will be released at least once a month during race season beginning with a “Much Too Soon” Preview Edition coming out this week before any race takes place. The Superior Trailer Power Rankings will also be released for special events such as the Valley Star Credit Union 300 at Martinsville Speedway.

For more information on Superior Trailer visit their website at www.superior-trailer.com.