We debuted our betting odds with the CARS Tour Late Model Stock Car opener at Southern National Motorsports Park.  You guys seemed to have fun with it and well most of the odds worked out pretty well. So, of course, we’re back this week with another round of odds.

Eventual winner Brandon Pierce was a 10/1 bet and if you had wagered money on him at those odds you could have won some serious money.  Josh Berry was a 3/1 bet and he led nearly the entire race before Pierce gave him a bump and run for the win.  Our 2/1 bet Deac McCaskill ran third but never really mounted a challenge for the win.

We’re back this week to give our “Odds of Winning” for round two of the Late Model Stock Car series for the CARS Tour as they invade Hickory Motor Speedway.  Obviously, there are some easy choices such as Josh Berry, who has dominated Hickory Motor Speedway for several seasons whether in CARS Tour or NASCAR Whelen All-American Series competition.

Others like last race winner Brandon Pierce weren’t so easy to set odds on.  He admits he isn’t good at Hickory but he also didn’t think he’d win in his first race out of the box with Lee Pulliam Performance at Southern National.

Clearly, this isn’t meant to hurt anyone’s feelings or slight them in any way but some drivers have a better chance of winning this weekend and some don’t have the seat time or the laps at Hickory to be considered someone who might have a legit chance of winning.  We’re hoping some of the longshots make us look bad but we’ve got our money on the big names going in.

Here’s our list and be sure to let us know on our Facebook page what bets you’d be willing to take and what long shots you think might just surprise us come Saturday night.

#88 Josh Berry 5/2
#22 Bobby McCarty 7/2
#57 Justin Carroll 6/1
#12 Austin McDaniel 6/1
#08 Deac McCaskill 7/1
#99 Layne Riggs 11/1
#27 Tommy Lemons 15/1
#2 Brandon Pierce 15/1
#18 Ty Gibbs 15/1
#1 Craig Moore 15/1
#07 Bradley McCaskill 15/1
#17P Stacy Puryear 17/1
#4 Jonathan Findley 25/1
#17 Taylor Gray 25/1
#54 Tanner Gray 25/1
#74 Ronald Hill 25/1
#77 Trevor Ward 25/1
#95 Jacob Heafner 25/1
#98 Adam Lemke 25/1
#63 Tyler Matthews 35/1
#01 Camden Guillie 35/1
#14 Vince Midas 35/1
#1P Brody Pope 35/1
#25 Zack St. Onge 35/1
#81 Mini Tyrrell 35/1
#4H Leland Honeyman 50/1
#19 Cameron Bowen 50/1
#19C Jessica Cann 50/1