Nearing the midway point of the season at Dominion Raceway, its becoming clear of who has their race program in overdrive and establishing themselves to make a run for the track championship. One of those teams going into the weekends racing was points leader Doug Barnes Jr. With just a two point lead, Nick Smith each week has been chipping away at the series points leader trying to overcome a down tire earlier in the year. Then there’s Jeff Oakley who has been on a tear in qualifying collecting numerous poles but wrecks has dampen his chances in the series points. Other Dominion Raceway regulars like Michael Hardin and Trent Barnes who show consistency lurk in the background.

Maybe just a tick or two off from winning races, both race teams continue to make an impact in the series and look to make gains in the second half of the season.But the attention and focus was this weekends twin 50s to double up on wins and double up on points. Looking to capitalize on the twin races was South Boston Speedways Matt Bowling who seeks a National title to his long list of achievements. With plenty on the line for this weekends twin 50s, no doubt that they’re was a vibe of urgency up and down pit road to perform. Here is how it all went down.

Jeff Oakley continued his qualifying dominance sporting a lap at 15.162 sec or 94.974 mph earning the pole for the nights racing. Doug Barnes Jr would also find himself a share of the front row just 0.187 thousandths off Oakley’s lap. Nick Smith would start third followed by Matt Bowling and Sergio Pena who has a race win in the 2016 race season at Dominion Raceway. Twenty One Late Models took to the grid lead by Matt Bowling who benefitted from a four car invert determined prior to the race based on a pill draw. When the green flag waved, Bowling wasted no time securing the point and establishing himself as the, “catch me if you can”, early race leader. The race experienced its first caution on lap eight of the event involving Richard Storm and Vincent Campbell but after quick clean up, we were back to the green. Bowling once again is the races leader but by lap ten, Nick Smith powered his way to the front of the field and set sail.

After another brief caution for the spin of Patrick Szabo, series points leader Doug Barnes Jr took over the races lead on the ensuing restart. Smith would get in line in tow as did Oakley, while on back the field was busy sorting itself out. Lap thirteen produced a five car crash that would bring out the red flag over the track for clean up. Lap twenty four restart and near the halfway, Doug Barnes Jr was the race leader and this time, Nick Smith was having none of it and neither was Jeff Oakley where at the stripe were all three wide battling for the lead. But before the battle concluded, another race caution for debris spoiled the fight for the lead. Lap thirty two restart and once again, Doug Barnes Jr was strong and secured the race lead. After a battle for second with Smith was decided, Oakley set his sights on the race leader nipping at the lead on each lap. By lap forty four, Oakley had the better piece and worked his way underneath of Barnes to take over the lead. From there, it was all Jeff Oakley and would go on to cross the stripe first for the race win. Nick Smith, Doug Barnes Jr, Matt Bowling and Sergio Pena were the races five best.

In the second 50 lap feature, Matt Bowling with a bold move was once again the early race leader. But soon after, misfortunes for the winner in race one Jeff Oakley as he and Trent Barnes tangle on the front stretch with Oakley getting the worst of it. Lap three restart and Nick Smith makes his move to the front. Caution would wave again as proof of a tire rolling freely down the front stretch belonging to Sergio Pena on lap six of the race. Broken right rear hub would sideline his efforts but soon after we were back to green flag racing.

Lap ten restart and once again Smith leads, this time Vincent Brown and Eddie Johnson work they’re way into the top five. Several laps into this green flag run, Smith was in full control when on lap thirty six, Chandler Sherman brings out the caution. The race would experience yet one more caution setting up a Green White Checker finish to the race. On the restart, Nick Smith and Doug Barnes would battle for the spot and should anything go wrong, Bowling, Campbell along with both Chris and Eddie Johnson were all there for a chance at the win. But Nick Smith was just to much and would go on to win the second fifty lap feature. Doug Barnes Jr, Matt Bowling, Vincent Campbell and Chris Johnson rounded out the five best.

Race Results #1
1 #11 Jeff Oakley
2 #12 Nick Smith
3 #88 Doug Barnes Jr
4 #83 Matt Bowling
5 #01 Sergio Pena
6 #57 Eddie Johnson
7 #1 Trent Barnes
8 #7 Michael Hardin
9 #56 Doug Liberman
10 #99 Vincent Campbell
11 #36 Owen Smith
12 #82 Mike Ganoe
13 #18 Chandler Sherman
14 #9 Mark Miller
15 #17 Patrick Szabo
16 #36c Chris Johnson
17 #77 Logan Jones
18 #29 Robert Bruce
19 #07 Richard Storm
20 #45 Tyler Daniels
21 #30 Tyler Gallup

Race Results #2
1 #12 Nick Smith
2 #88 Doug Barnes Jr
3 #83 Matt Bowling
4 #99 Vincent Campbell
5 #36c Chris Johnson
6 #7 Michael Hardin
7 #57 Eddie Johnson
8 #9 Mark Miller
9 #36 Owen Smith
10 #56 Doug Liberman
11 #82 Mike Ganoe
12 #18 Chandler Sherman
13 #17 Patrick Szabo
14 #07 Richard Storm
15 #11 Jeff Oakley
16 #77 Logan Jones
17 #01 Sergio Pena
18 #1 Trent Barnes
19 #00 Tyler Daniels
20 #29 Robert Bruce
21 #30 Tyler Gallup