Two weekends of racing is about to kick off at Myrtle Beach Speedway in Myrtle Beach, SC with the Myrtle Beach 250. The Myrtle Beach 250 features racing in the South East Limited Late Models Pro and Challenger divisions plus Super Trucks and Mini Stocks.

Here is the schedule for the weekend.

Thursday, November 8th:
7:00am – Sign In Opens
8:00am – Pit Gate Opens/Hauler Parking
9:00am – Open Practice (Divisions Alternate every 30 minutes Limiteds, Super Trucks and Mini Stocks)
12:00noon – Lunch Break
1:00pm – Open Practice (Divisions Alternate every 30 minutes Limiteds, Super Trucks and Mini Stocks)
5:00pm – Sign In Closes
5:30pm – Practice Ends
5:30pm – Pit Gates Open/Hauler Parking
6:00pm – Track Closes

Friday, November 9th:
7:00am – Sign In Opens
7:00am – Pit Gate Opens/Hauler Parking
8:00am – Mandatory Driver’s Meeting
9:15am – Practice Begins
Practice Order:
SELLM Challenger
Mini Stocks
Super Trucks
2:30pm – SELLM Challenger Pre-Qualifying Tech
3:30pm – Practice Ends
3:35pm – SELLM Challenger Euro Qualifying (Groups of 4)
4:15pm – Pre-Race Ceremonies
4:30pm – SELLM Challenger 50-laps
6:00pm – Pits Close

Saturday, November 10th:
7:00am – Sign In Begins/Pit Gates Open
8:00am – Mandatory Driver’s Meeting
10:00am – Practice Begins
Practice Order (one round per):
Super Truck
Mini Stock
10:45am – Super Truck Tech Opens
11:45am – Mini Stock Tech Opens
12:00noon – RACEDAY LIVE coverage on Begins
12:00noon – Super Truck Euro Qualifying (Groups of 4)
12:15pm – SELLM Pro Tech Opens
12:30pm – Mini Stock Euro Qualifying (Groups of 4)
1:30pm – SELLM Pro Euro Qualifying (Groups of 4)
2:45pm – Lineup Super Truck Feature on Frontstretch
3:00pm – Pre-race Ceremonies
3:30pm – Racing Begins
Race Order:
Super Trucks 75-laps
Mini Stocks 50-laps
SELLM Pro 75-laps
Following the Race: RACEDAY LIVE on Ends

Sunday, November 11th (Rain Date if Needed)