MYRTLE BEACH, SC – Myatt Snider scored the biggest win of his racing career in Saturday night’s UNOH Battle at the Beach at Myrtle Beach Speedway.

Snider held off Tommy Lemons, Jr. and Lee Pulliam after the three drivers staged a classic duel for the better part of the final 75 laps of the race. Snider held off side-by-side challenges from Tommy Lemons, Jr. and made his final, race winning pass for the lead on lap 182 in the 200 lap race.

The victory was the first of the year for Snider, who raced in the Championship Auto Racing Series (CARS) Late Model Stock Tour in 2015, finishing third in that championship battle but going winless on the season.

“We showed a lot in the CARS Tour championship,” Snider said. “We were consistent all year. We were up front in so many races, I just don’t think we had the luck. Tonight, luck fell in our favor as well as good, hard preparation, hard work and me driving as hard as I could in those last couple of laps. I can’t thank all my guys enough. This is a great night so I’m really happy about it.”

The victory for Snider is a statement win. He has won races before, but those were shorter distance races.

“This is definitely a statement win because, I felt like we’ve been there with all those long lap races,” Snider explained. “I just think we needed to learn a little bit more and that kind of culminated tonight. We’ve done all we need to do this year and this is the way to cap it off. I knew that I could run the top really well and that’s why I decided to go for it, get the lead away, control the race and it worked in my favor. I happy with how it all played out and it worked in my favor.”

After having the dominant car all weekend, Valley Star Credit Union 300 winner Tommy Lemons, Jr. finished in second. Lemons was not happy with the second place finish, however, blaming mistakes on his part for not winning the race.

“[Snider] rolled in a little slow and, when he got there, I just spun the tires,” Lemons said of a late race restart that helped propel him to victory. Stupid mistake on my part. My fault. We had another shot at it and still f***ed it up again. Just really hard to be this strong this weekend and let my guys down the way I did. We’ll rebound next weekend at Southern National.”

Lee Pulliam finished in third while Sam Yarbrough and Jake Crum rounded out the top-five.

Unofficial Results

  1. Myatt Snider
  2. Tommy Lemons, Jr.
  3. Lee Pulliam
  4. Sam Yarbrough
  5. Jake Crum
  6. Brenden Queen
  7. Justin Milliken
  8. Jamey Caudill
  9. Greg Edwards
  10. Noah Gragson
  11. Spencer Davis
  12. Trey Gibson
  13. Lucas Williams
  14. Tyler Ankrum
  15. Kyle Plott
  16. Peyton Sellers
  17. Jae Crum
  18. GR Waldrop
  19. David Roberts
  20. Shane Lee
  21. Matt Waltz
  22. Michael Fose
  23. RA Brow
  24. Charlie Watson
  25. Tyler English
  26. Alex Yontz
  27. Dennis Holdren
  28. Travis Swaim
  29. Jimmy Wallace
  30. Nick Smith
  31. Matt Cox
  32. Macy Causey
  33. Anthony Anders
  34. Brian Vause
  35. Dylan Hall
  36. Austin McDaniel
  37. Annabeth Barnes
  38. Justin Crider
  39. Jamie Weatherford
  40. Roddey Sterling, Jr.
  41. Jeremy McDowell
  42. Dexter Canipe, Jr.
  43. Josh Berry
  44. Kason Plott
  45. Garrett Campbell
  46. Chad McCumbee