LUCAMA, NC :: At the end of the first Late Model feature in the doubleheader kickoff for the Total Car & Truck Series Dirty Dozen at Southern National, Deac McCaskill was in a familiar place – victory lane.

Adam Brenner scored the pole for the event but quickly faded upon losing the lead in the first turn.  Once McCaskill got it, he never surrendered it.  He faced challenges from Lee Pulliam, Justin Snow and David Garbo before the conclusion of the race.

Myatt Snider impressed in the event as well.  Snider, the son of NBC Sports Network commentator Marty Snider, made bold and daring moves to move from 14th to sixth in the final running order of the first event.

McCaskill led every single lap of the 100 lap event while Garbo finished second.  Tommy Lemons provided some late race drama as he hustled and muscled his way to the third finishing position.  Justin Snow’s solid effort resulted in a fourth place finish and Lee Pulliam faded to fifth in the final running order.

The race was haulted by only a handful of cautions and one red flag that came from an early pile-up at the tail end of the field that swept up several competitors, including rookie Jonathan Findley, Derrick Lancaster, Ray Terczak and a few others.

The starting lineup for the second 100 lap feature will be determined by the finishing order of the first feature, with an invert of the top-eight cars meaing Hunter Devers will start on the pole and Deac McCaskill will roll off eighth.

Results – Race 1
1. #08 Deac McCaskill
2. #8 David Garbo
3. #27 Tommy Lemons
4. #0 Justin Snow
5. #1 Lee Pulliam
6. #2 Myatt Snider
7. #88 Josh Berry
8. #48 Hunter Devers
9. #97 Greg Edwards
10. #5 Brandon Dean
11. #8 Reid Lampher
12. #14 Mike Darne
13. #50 Jamey Caudill
14. #05 Doug Godsey
15. #42 Craig Stallard
16. #29 Melvin Langley
17. #38 Ricky Jones
18. #10 Jake Keaton
19. #18 Quinn Houff
20. #25 Derrick Lancaster
21. #23 Michael Rouse
22. #22 Adam Brenner
23. #83 Tyler Hughes
24. #51 Ray Terczak
25. #77 CJ Husley
26. #83 Jonathan Findley