Story by: Chris Owens ~ [email protected]

Timmonsville, SC (September 18, 2010) — Does anybody really have anything for Averitt Lucas? Yes we saw Strom Altman Sr. and Michael Elliott win the past two weeks, but this week, Lucas didn’t have the dominate car and still found a way to pick up his tenth win of the season.

Lucas was at the track bright and early Friday morning testing out his “red” car to see what was wrong with it. After not liking the way that car was performing, his crew loaded up and headed to the house. Yes, they were coming back to race but with a different car. The “blue” car as people like to call it.

In qualifying, Archie Adams Jr. picked up the pole and Lucas clocked in the second spot. RJ West after a week off to run at Hickory Motor Speedway was back and timed in third.

The start saw Adams take command of the race with Lucas and West all over each other for the second spot. At times you could throw a blanket over the top three that’s how close the racing was up front. Adams was finally starting to stretch out his lead over Lucas who had to deal with West for the second spot.

The first caution of the night came out on lap fifteen when Harold Ethridge Jr. went around in turn four. Turn four seemed to be the trouble spot tonight as several more cautions happened over there later in the event.

There was no playing around on this restart as Adams got the jump and led the field to turn one. RJ West who was up there battling with Lucas for the second spot now had to deal with Austin Leitner who got around him on the restart. Several laps later, West made the pass and took the third spot back.

Lap twenty six saw West take away the second spot from Lucas who was battling a terrible driving racecar. West pulled away from Lucas and was running down the leaders until Harold Ethridge Jr. brought out the second caution for yet another spin in turn four.

The restart saw RJ West jump the start a bit and get around Archie Adams Jr. for the lead. The track deemed it legal so nobody was penalized. Donnie Johnson and Austin Leitner would bring out the third caution of the night when the two got together in turn three. Leitner had damage to the nose of his car but was able to continue on. Johnson continued on undamaged.

Right as the caution was coming out for Leitner and Johnson, Archie Adams Jr. slowed on the track in front of RJ West who was all over him. West had nowhere to go and plowed over the leader sending him spinning and pounding the outside wall in turn four. From talking with several people, they all say the rear clip on Adams car was bent and where all surprised he finished the race like that. Under the caution, Donnie Johnson came down pit road with his car on fire. Johnson quickly exited the machine and was unharmed.

The restart saw West jump so the caution was thrown. West was warned and the race resumed. This time Archie Adams Jr. was pushing West across the line. Adams was upset with RJ after the run in in turn four.

Lucas now had to deal with RJ West on the restart. Lucas got the jump, but West hung in there in turn one. In turn three, West’s night was over as Adams Jr. turned him around. Instead of causing more damage and torn up racecars, West wisely parked his car for the night.

With RJ out of the race, Lucas only had to hold of Archie Adams Sr. for the win. With two laps to go the field restarted and Lucas pulled away. Adams Sr. spun the tires on the restart and had no chance of catching Lucas. Lucas cruised across the line for his tenth victory of the season. After the race, Lucas had to thank his lot of people.

“There was a lot going on between Archie and RJ there.” Said Lucas. “We were probably a tenth off from RJ there at the end.” Continued Lucas. “I can’t thank my Mom, Dad, and Wife enough for all their help. We brought the red car out here earlier today and found that something in the engine wasn’t right so we loaded up and brought the blue car out here.”

Averitt hold a steady lead in the points championship. With ten wins, it’s going to be hard for anybody to knock him off the top. Lucas who works for Hedgecock Racing Enterprises in North Carolina has to rely on his Dad to set the car up every week as he is usually driving from North Carolina to Florence every week to race.

Carolina Furniture 40 (40 Laps)
1. #51 – Averitt Lucas
2. #1 – Archie Adams Sr.
3. #17 – Archie Adams Jr.
4. #9 – Harold Ethridge Jr.
5. #22 – Tyler Howell
6. #04 – RJ West
7. #01 – Donnie Johnson
8. #05 – Austin Leitner

Limited Late Model Points
1. Averitt Lucas – 30
2. Archie Adams Sr. – 16
3. Archie Adams Jr. – 15
4. Rudy Branham – 13
5. Justin Shorter – 12
6. RJ West – 11
7. Strom Altman Jr. – 8
8. Raef Judd – 8
9. Jordan Smith – 8
10. Donnie Johnson – 7