22nd — Ben Stanton(n/r)

Ben Stanton hasn’t done a whole lot of winning this year, but he finds himself in contention for the inaugural SouthEast Limited Late Model Series Championship.  Ben is a semi-regular at Dillon Motor Speedway, but it’s in the SELLM that he’s been at his best with finishes of fourth, seventh and ninth in the three races so far this season.  Look for him to finish strong at Myrtle Beach Speedway next weekend.

21st — Patrick Coleman(n/r)

Patrick Coleman wasn’t really in contention to start the 2010 season, but after he got a little setup assistance from Ace Speedway dominator, Ziggy Zimmerman, he started to get in the mix.  He found himself racing for the lead and contending for top three spots in races at Ace and though he didn’t get a win, he did assert himself as a car to beat on the tough 4/10 mile track.

20th — Sammy Jasper(n/r)

Sammy Jasper’s foray into Limited Late Model racing got off to a rocky start as he couldn’t keep his car out of trouble.  It wasn’t that he was just tearing up equipment it was that he just in the wrong place at the wrong time way too often.  All of sudden it was like he flipped a switch at Hickory in the third round of SouthEast Limited Late Model Series when he scored a career best second place.

19th — Justin Sorrow(n/r)

Justin Sorrow is narrowly eligible for the Limited Late Model Power Rankings after spending most of the season racing a Late Model Stock Car at Greenville Pickens Speedway, but with a victory at North Wilkesboro Speedway in one of the biggest Limited races of the year, how could he not atleast make the list.  He also turned out a seventh place effort in the SouthEast Limited race at Hickory to pad his position.

18th — Dillon Bassett(n/r)

While his older brother, Ronnie was stealing headlines winning the pole at Lonesome Pine and racing around the front of the field in the second half of the season in the UARA, young Dillon Bassett was making some noise of his own.  Dillon took his car to some solid finishes at Ace and Caraway before taking his car to victory lane at Ace Speedway, for his first career Limited Late Model victory.

17th — Tyler Church(5)

You’ll find it’s a recurring theme … several of Limited Late Model racings best drivers are in the bottom 11 drivers on this list.  It’s not that drivers like Tyler Church have done anything wrong since the last Power Rankings came out, but just simply that other drivers have been more impressive.  Tyler is a talented young driver and will surely bounce back up this list before long.

16th — Justin Snow(4)

Here’s another one of those drivers who didn’t do anything wrong … Justin Snow in fact sewed up the South Boston Speedway Limited Late Model championship.  But, what’s keeping him from climbing back up the list where he was fourth before is his lack of traveling to tackle the best of the best in Limited Late Model racing outside of his home turf.  His Motor Mile appearance was impressive, but that wasn’t enough.

15th — Ziggy Zimmerman(7)

Ziggy Zimmerman is another driver who seemingly faded away toward the end of the season and as mentioned above in Patrick Coleman’s explanation, he may have helped himself not be as big of a threat. He helped Patrick and he outran him right away and Boo Boo Dalton also laid it to him the last few races, which cost Ziggy the championship, which Boo Boo won.

14th — Dexter Canipe, Jr.(3)

With Austin McDaniels kicking butt and taking names at Hickory for the last few races, Dexter Canipe, Jr. kinda faded into the background.  Dexter Canipe, Jr. is still one of the best Limited Late Model racers of all time and he’s got the wins and championships, including this seasons at Hickory to prove it.  But, to stay up high on this list he’d have to venture out a little and show us what he’s got … which he never does.

13th — Tommy Peregoy(9)

OK, just so we get this out of the way … we called Tommy out for never racing anywhere else in the last power rankings, but the South Boston regular proved us wrong by taking to Ace Speedway for the SouthEast Limited Late Model race, sitting on the pole and finishing fourth.  OK, Tommy … you’ve proved us wrong and we’re admitting it and I hate that we couldn’t move you up this list a little further to show you how impressed we were with your run.

12th — TJ Barron(14)

TJ Barron’s 2010 season will be one he’ll never forget as he not only went to victory lane for the first time in a Limited Late Model, but he went there time and time again.  He picked up nine wins including four in a row and laid claim to the Coastal Plains Raceway championship … only reason he’s not higher on this list?  Not traveling around to other venues …. as you know we’re big about that.