Langley Speedway and, in a effort to create awareness that out local short tracks are great places for children/adults with disabilities, came together for an exciting night of racing at Langley Speedway for a special organization called The Arc of Greater Williamsburg.

The group, which represents many clients with intellectual disabilities, was invited out to Langley Speedway this past Saturday night to experience local short track racing. Organizations like The Arc of Greater Williamsburg provide needed programs and activities for these very special people that promotes character, integrity and creates opportunities that produces confidence for those who they serve. The program is responsible for many other values to help these wonderful people to become as productive in their respected communities as possible.

The evenings festivities included a meet and greet with the Late Model drivers where autographs, Q&A, picture taking and even a few got to sit in a race ready Late Model thanks to Dean Shiflett. Other exciting opportunities included where one got to install a right front wheel and tire on Tyler Hughes Late Model using an impact gun. Casey Wyatt fired up his Late Model next to the group and gave it a quick rev which delighted the group as well. The group also was honored by the track to open the evenings race program by giving the command for the drivers to start your engines.

“It was really moving to be a part of this great night for this wonderful group of people,”’s Mark Rogers, Jr said. “To be able to prove and show how our local short tracks are awesome places for groups like The Arc of Greater Williamsburg and their families to come and experience great racing was truly a blessing for us all.”

One of the greatest things in local short track racing all across the country is the value of its fans and what they bring to racing. Organizations that help children/adults are race fans too and it should be well known that local short tracks throughout our great nation welcome these amazing families.

Special thanks to Langley Speedway for your support and belief of this great cause by laying down the red carpet for The Williamsburg of the Arc. Thank you to the Late Model teams for taking time and making the experience so real. Together, what we were able to accomplish was create memories for these families that will last forever.

On behalf of the cause, spread the word of this effort, with the wealth of local short tracks right here in the Mid Atlantic, imagine the impact on how many lives we can make together in our own communities.