After what was a tumultuous 2020 for most people in the world given the pandemic from the Coronavirus, I decided to bring back my 2020 wish list. I’m sure I missed some easy ones and not everyone or everywhere gets mentioned but enjoy these Christmas wishes as we look forward to what will hopefully be a better 2021 for everyone.

Everyone – For us to be covid free and living our lives. For our loved ones to all be here and to spend more time together in 2021.

Racers, Fans & Everyone in LMSC Racing – A regular schedule of races uninterrupted by our government or mother nature.

Martinsville Speedway – The return of the ValleyStar Credit Union 300. Losing this race this year was such a 2020 way for things to go but we’re all hoping for this race to return for 2021.

Thanksgiving Classic – Another race that we all missed in 2020. The Thanksgiving Classic at Southern National Motorsports Park (there’s only one Thanksgiving Classic, no matter who uses this name) is one of the biggest Late Model Stock Car races and we NEED this one back on track for 2021.

Hickory Motor Speedway – Kevin Piercy and the staff at Hickory weathered the Covid-19 storm like a champ. They were never in a position to allow fans for a NASCAR sanctioned event and rolled on no matter what. They helped cultivate the 2020 Advance Auto Parts NASCAR Weekly Series National Champion Josh Berry and delivered race fans and a free viewing experience while they couldn’t be at the track. They deserve to flourish in 2021.

Bowman Gray Stadium – Maybe there was no track hit harder by the pandemic and state government overreach than Bowman Gray Stadium. They held on til July and eventually shuttered their season. That’s tough for the most successful short track in the world and I’m hoping they bounce back with even more success in 2021.

Chassis Builders, Engine Builders, Shock Guys and other Parts People – May you have your biggest year of success in 2021.

Wake County Speedway – One of my favorite bullrings on earth remained shut down all season. We need Wake County Speedway to race in 2021 and they need to be open to continue the tradition that we have all come to love.

Vaughan Crittenden – Dude, you’re a champ. You made the most of a shattered 2020 in your first season as the promoter of Langley Speedway. I want 2021 to be what 2020 should have been and for you to take the reigns of that historic track and make us all proud that it’s part of the Late Model Stock Car racing region.

CARS Tour & Rockingham Speedway – The CARS Tour battled 2020 like champions and made it work and now I’m wishing you’ll rethink your Rockingham plans and scrap the restrictor plates. Make Hoosier go to work on getting you a tire that can do the job and reschedule this race for later in the year when it won’t have the potential to destroy the beginning of what could be your best season yet.

Steve Zacharias – Despite the challenges of 2020 and Myrtle Beach Speedway shuttering due to being sold, you have shown us all that you’re easily one of the best race track managers anywhere. From Myrtle Beach to Florence you have flourished in that role. I want you to continue to have that success and more in 2021.

Derrick Lancaster – We’re all just thankful that you’re still here with us. That crash at Kingsport Speedway could have easily taken your life, but instead, God saw fit to keep you here. You might be a crazy mf’er but we love you. You being here is a Christmas wish granted already.

Motor Mile Speedway – 2021 should be your year. The management group that has leased the track has all the ingredients to make it successful and for the first time in a long time someone who has a promotional mind leading the charge. My wish for you in 2021 is nothing but success.

Tri-County Motor Speedway – It’s tough when your first year of ownership is clouded in a pandemic but you guys have shown racers in that region that you’re the real deal and we want you to have success in 2021.

Southside Speedway – Saying goodbye to you is going to be tough. Southside is one of the coolest tracks in the country and has a 60-year history of entertaining fans. I wish for Christmas this year, that somehow you be saved from going extinct. We need Southside Speedway to continue.

PPV Video – Guys like Tony Stevens’ and Speed51 were a God send this year for those who couldn’t make it to the tracks and for the tracks that couldn’t have fans. I wish them huge success in 2021, because they were there for us when we needed it. Don’t forget about them when you can go back to the track regularly.

South Boston Speedway & All the Other Tracks I haven’t Mentioned – My wish is simple and that’s for you to get open and be free of government overreach. It’s time to get back to normal.

I’m sure I’ve missed some wishes I have stored in my head, forgive me I’m getting older and my memory doesn’t seem to be what it used to be. For the rest of you, I wish nothing but happiness and success.

Merry Christmas to all!