WINSTON SALEM, NC :: It’s a young guys dream to race the local tracks and make it to the big time. To John Holleman, it is becoming a reality. The driver from Winston Salem with big dreams is finally making his dreams come true. From the confines of the most historic track in NASCAR history, to the big time, Holleman is going racing in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series series.

This all came about as the Holleman’s became involved with the team of Brandon Gdovic. While Gdovic has cut his racing schedule back, it gave Holleman the opportunity to secure a ride for the K&N race at Bowman Gray Stadium on May 31st and more races down the road.

“It is a done deal,” said Gdovic. “My schedule has been scaled back a bit and while we do the bigger races it looks like JohnJohn is going to be in the seat for Bowman Gray and possibly more races.”

While Holleman is excited about the whole deal, he knows what is in front of him.

“I know we are racing against other teams that are affiliated with Cup teams and whatnot, but since this race is on my home turf it will be a little more level playing field,” said Holleman. “I’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this, and thanks to my sponsor Zeno Marshall and his wife Sandra. Without him and his companies along with my other great sponsors, I would never be where I’m at now, much less getting prepared to be moving up to the next level.”

race22_holleman2_140519The young Holleman is getting into a series that he has never raced in, but winning is something he is used to. Holleman has picked up wins at Caraway, Ace, and now at Bowman Gray in the bigger cars becoming the youngest winner ever, along with his 18 championships and 162 wins throughout the years, he is ready for the challenge.

“I can’t wait, and being where it’s at I think I have a good as shot as anyone,” said the excited youngster. “The car will be no. 46 I think since Trey Hutchens is no. 14, and it will be decaled just like my stadium car so it will stick out,” he said with a laugh.

The plan now is to run the Bowman Gray K&N race and more than likely Greenville-Pickens in September with other races possibly sprinkled in. During these summer months some modified starts at the stadium could come to fruition as well, all the while he will be piloting his familiar black and pink #4 in the Sportsman division. Then for 2015 the grand scheme is to start at Daytona with the Battle at the Beach and contend for the 2015 championship. But Holleman knows he needs support to do that.

“We have a plan in place, but just like most drivers, sponsors are going to have to come on board. Running Brandon’s stuff is going to give me the chance, it’s Penske cars so I can’t say it’s the equipment, it’s all on me. But I have to make the most of the few opportunities I have, the best way to get sponsors is to win races and do well, I’m not going into these races to finish 15th, I’m going in with the mindset to win, to me that’s the only way a racer should think.”


When the K&N series rolls into the most famous short track in America on May 31st it will have some home town flare. And knowing how the seventeen year-old gets around the stadium, a few heads will turn. He just hopes it is enough to keep the ball rolling, but he already has one thing in place… a opportunity and a chance.