Jesse Dutilly continued a recent hot streak in Super Late Model racing by picking up the victory in Saturday night’s $10,000-to-win Full Throttle 100 at Citrus County Speedway in Inverness, Florida.

Dutilly inherited the lead on lap 79 after Mike Bresnahan spun off the front bumper of Stephen Nasse’s car in the apex of turns three and four.  Bresnahan was sidelined after the incident despite not hitting the wall and Nasse was penalized.  From there, he was able to hold off challenges from Nick Neri and then Stephen Nasse as he cruised to victory lane.

“We needed to get a little better here from the last time and we did,” Dutilly said.  “We were really good.  I actually think I adjusted the car out a little bit.  I knew Stephen Nasse was tough to beat.  I saw him here a few weeks ago and his car was pretty sporty as well in the test.  Honestly, didn’t think we were going to have a shot at it.  The car was excellent.  Probably had a third or fourth place car but that’s why they run the laps.

“I’ll take it, no problem.  You’ve got to have a fast car to make sure you have an opportunity to win the race.”

Dutilly has been on a hot streak in Super Late Model racing recently, picking up a victory in a race at Five Flags Speedway just last weekend.

Stephen Nasse finished second while Nick Neri, Joe Boyd and Trey Bayne rounded out the top-five.


  1. Jesse Dutilly
  2. Stephen Nasse
  3. Nick Neri
  4. Joe Boyd
  5. Trey Bayne
  6. Wayne Anderson
  7. Jeremy Gerstner
  8. Anthony Sergi
  9. Keith Zavrel
  10. Mike Bresnahan
  11. George Gorham, Jr.
  12. Devin McLeod
  13. Dave Pletcher
  14. Jeff Choquette
  15. Daniel Keene, Jr.
  16. Jared Irvan
  17. Dustin Dunn
  18. Patrick Starpoli
  19. J. Grimm
  20. J. Duke
  21. Colin Allman
  22. Chris Fontaine
  23. Brandon Morris
  24. Daniel Webster
  25. Michael Atwell
  26. Brad Bowman